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Wesley William Johnson

August 2, 1948 - August 18, 2021

Wes was born to Virginia (Stepnak) Johnson and Ivan William Johnson Portland, Oregon. He attended Wilson High School, Portland Community College, Temple Beth Israel Rabbinett School of Theology, Salem Bible College, Western Baptist College, Chemeketa College and Excelsior College. He taught for a season Theology, and History.

Wes’ great love of History and Theology coupled with a photographic mind, allowed him to memorize great volumes of Theology, Hebrew, History, etc. But his humility was beyond belief. When asked if he knew much he’d reply, “OH MAYBE JUST A LITTLE, BUT I LOVE TO GET OTHER PEOPLES VIEWS TOO. IT’S SO IMPORANT TO BE OPEN TO DIFFERENT VIEWS, NOT CLOSED MINDED!” Wes loved teaching and tutoring students, especially in History and Theology! He was a Foster Grandparent in schools and shelters through Trillium Family Services. The kids and teachers loved him. He graduated from the Citizens Police Academy. Wes loved visiting the Trappist, Brigittine and Benedictine Monasteries and had many priest and monk friends.

He met his wife at Portland Foursquare Church because of a phenomenal supernatural experience. His favorite hobby was giving to low-income people. He gave away many cars, and even gave a new suit jacket in church when a hobo admired his jacket and had none to wear. Wes was a real prayer warrior, praying for all people no matter what their circumstances or problem; he’d simply say “Let’s pray, no need to talk about the bitter details, God knows!” Wes’ favorite scripture was Joshua 14:12.

Wes was called the Easter Bunny in the spring, the Garden Angel in summer, and Santa Claus in winter. Always praying, always giving, always caring was Wes! Wes loved animals and many friends called him “THE SECOND FRANCIS OF ASSISI”, even bumble bees in the back yard would let him stroke their backs, as they continued to gather honey. Wes had an amazing love for God’s creatures. Wes and his wife Bev experienced many miracles of God throughout their entire marriage. His other hobbies were woodworking, projects continuously flowed from Wes’ garage as gifts for people, and Wes loved HO scale train, airplanes, ships, cars, stuffed animals, Theology and History Books. He gave many “Airplane Shows” for kids in schools; he built 29 planes which were given to the class at the end of each show.

The amazing point about Wes was his true Christian love and openness to others viewpoints. Even though he taught Theology himself, he loved to listen to everyone’s viewpoints and just answered “UUM IS THAT IT”! Through a supernatural Miracle Wes found Jesus Christ as his personal Messiah and left Judaism but still celebrated Rosh Hashanah and Hanukah. Wes was a member of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Joseph Catholic Churches. Wes had been a eucharist minister at these two churches.

Wes is survived by his wife, Bev Johnson; sons, William and Troy Flores, adopted son Rob Flores Romero; extended family predeceased, Leea Blacksnake and son-in-law Dave; two daughters in Heaven, Sarah Theresa and Butter Cup Johnson; Grandchildren, Bridgett, Immanuel Isaiah and Elijah Flores. Extended family, Danielle; Adopted grandkids, Hilton Bridgeway, Gracie Chaplin, Noah, Faith & Sam Bridgeway; great grandchildren; Sisters, Jean Richards of Medford, OR and Carol Higgins of Exuma British Bahamas, Goddaughter Lyndsey Sue Bunn.

Services scheduled for Saturday August 21, 2021 at 4:00 PM at Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service.

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