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Veterans Funeral Benefits

Honoring Veterans 

Virgil T. Golden Funeral Services has served veterans and supported soldiers on active duty as a regular part of our history in the Salem area since 1949.  Below you will find benefits for families of veterans after the death has occurred, as well as various programs to support active duty soldiers.


Benefits available to an honorably discharged veteran and their family are: 

Burial or placement of an urn in a National Cemetery. The veteran, spouse and eligible dependents are all eligible to be placed or buried at a National Cemetery.  If the spouse should pass away first, all that is needed is a copy of the veterans DD214 or discharge papers.  The closest National Cemetery is Willamette National Cemetery in Portland.

The veteran’s family may have military honors at any location, a cemetery, memorial service, church, funeral home or at private residence.

The family is eligible to receive a flag, approximately 5’ x 9’.

One benefit on more of the local level is a possibility of a reduction of property taxes thru the county for the surviving spouse. The family does need to make the contact with the proper county to follow thru with this benefit.

For the veteran, a memorial marker to be placed in any cemetery. This marker is available in bronze or granite.

Memorial Marker



For any cash benefits from the VA, Golden’s will assist the family in applying for these benefits. We do apply for all veterans, however, there is usually only a cash benefit if the veteran was receiving a pension or disability from the VA. The VA is the one who has the final decision and it may take 90 to 120 days before such benefit would be received if it applicable.

Below are the links to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs so you are able to see directly from the VA what benefits are available.  

Again, Golden’s will assist the family and secure many of these benefits on their behalf.

U.S. Dept. Veterans Affairs Links: Main SiteBurial benefits - Headstones, Markers, and Medallions Presidential Memorial Certificates 
For possible property tax exemptions for a veterans spouse or registered domestic partner contact:
Marion County Assessor’s Office at (503) 588-5144, or Polk County Assessor’s Office at 503-623-8391.
Links:  Marion County Veterans Property Exemptions or Polk County Property Exemptions

Other Programs:
 NATIONWIDE GRAVESITE LOCATOR > Search for burial locations of veterans and their family members in VA National Cemeteries, State Veterans Cemeteries, various other military and Department of Interior cemeteries, and for veterans buried in private cemeteries when the grave is marked with a government grave marker - website link > 
Cell Phones for Soldiers

We participate in this program for active duty soldiers.
Cell Phones for Soldiers Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing cost-free communication services to active-duty military members and veterans. 
Since 2004, Cell Phones for Soldiers...Have provided more than 213 million minutes of free talk time
Mails approximately 3,000 calling cards each week
Recycled more than 11.6 million cell phones, reducing the impact on landfills
July 2012 launched Helping Heroes Home, to provide emergency funds for returning veterans to alleviate communication challenges as well as physical, emotional and assimilation hardships.
Since July 2012, Helping Heroes Home has assisted more than 2,700 veterans and their families with emergency funding.

Wreaths Across America

We participate in the Wreaths Across America program every year. We start taking orders for wreaths in November. Contact us for details if you want to participate 
The mission of Wreaths Across America - Remember, Honor, Teach -  is carried out in part by coordinating wreath laying ceremonies on a specified Saturday in December at Arlington, as well as veterans cemeteries and other locations in all 50 states and beyond. They also organize a week of events including international veteran’s tributes, ceremonies at State Houses and a week-long “Veteran’s Parade” between Maine and Virginia where they stop along the way to spread the message about the importance of remembering our fallen heroes, honoring those who serve, and teaching our children about the sacrifices made by veterans and their families to preserve our freedoms.