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Grandpa's Tractor - Full Size

Grandpa's Tractor - Full Size

Custom Urns from Eturnal Urns use 3D printing and allow for families to create their own unique urn with text if needed.
The full size urn measures 200 cubic inches which is just under 6 inches. Ask to view samples of 3D urns for ideas.
Steps to order:

Step 1

1) Send the Funeral Home your Photos for Reference - Photos from all angles works best

Step 2

2) Eturnal Urn Artists Sculpt the 3D Urn - Using 3D Printer Software

Step 3

3) Select the Size of 3D Urn you Want - (Full Size, Medium Size or **Keepsake)

4) View the Link that gets sent to you by us - Virgil T Golden Funeral Home


5) Approval / Printing of the 3D Urn - Printed exactly as you had approved


6) Receive Notification for Pickup at  Virgil T Golden Funeral Home
** Keepsake Urns only available with purchase of a Full Size Urn, or 3 same Keepsakes ordered as a minimum.