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Custom Keepsake Urn

Custom Keepsake Urn Itemized Price: $550.00

Custom Urns from Eturnal Urns use 3D printing and allow for families to create their own unique urn with text if needed.
The custom keepsake urn measures 5-10 cubic inches. Ask to view sample photos of 3D urns for ideas.
Steps to Order a 3D Urn
1) Send the Funeral Home your Photos for Reference - Photos from all angles works best
2) Eturnal Urn Artists Sculpt the 3D Urn - Using 3D Printer Software
3) Select the Size of 3D Urn you Want - (Full Size, Medium Size or **Keepsake)
4) View the Link that gets sent to you by us - Virgil T Golden Funeral Home
5) Approval / Printing of the 3D Urn - Printed exactly as you had approved
6) Receive Notification for Pickup at  Virgil T Golden Funeral Home
** Keepsake Urns only available with purchase of a Full Size Urn, or 3 same Keepsakes ordered as a minimum.