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 Music for Grieving

Especially in a time of loss, music can provide consolation even while you are planning other things, in the kitchen, or with headphones for a more focused time, while sitting in your living room, resting in bed before or after sleep, or exercising, walking. Maybe all of these.

By surrounding yourself with music that you love, it may help the grieving process. 

David Stabler, who was a classical music critic for the Oregonian for almost thirty years, was interviewed on the OPB (- Oregon Public Broadcasting) Think Out Loud show in March 2017. The interview provides a preview of some classes that he is offering including one on the music of grieving and may be helpful for some ideas on how to use music in your own grieving at home. For your convenience we are providing the link to the full 18 minute interview, but also three examples of beautiful music used for grieving mentioned in the interview. 

As David says in the interview, some of the music selected is music for consolation. The Youtube videos below can be enjoyed immediately, if you are in need of consolation now. 
Link to the Interview > OPB Think Out Loud - Music of Grieving

1) Nimrod Movement from Elgar's Variations - YouTube- Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Other resources for using music for grieving are included below.

2) At the River - Aaron Copland -


3) Ave Maria by Chanticleer