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Randy Ireson

May 29, 1945 - October 24, 2017


William Randall Ireson

Randy was born in Blacksburg Virginia, and spent his childhood in Palo Alto, California. During high school he lived on the Stanford University campus where his father taught engineering; his mother taught home sciences and created the first television cooking show in the Bay area.  As a child, Randy learned to draft his ideas on paper, build models of them in the basement and test them in the world, always expanding his ideas and knowledge with practical applications.  He continued that early practice in the many aspects of his life.  During high school and college he lived in other countries, experiences that opened his understanding of the world, and which grew to become his passion to explore and learn about the cultures he encountered – and in the process learning several languages.  (He admitted to having fluency in six; however, he was often observed to get around in a few others.) Whether it was travel or work in other countries and cultures, parachuting, flying a glider or flying under power – on his own or with the Civil Air Patrol – building or remodeling a home, building furniture, planting a garden and sharing the harvest, or playfully teaching his grandchildren, Randy found joy in and respect for this world.
Randy approached life as an analytical, steady and deliberate man guided by integrity.  His outward demeanor and his outsized intellect could mislead the casual observer to overlook his humungous loving heart.  He was a guiding light for others who wanted to expand their own worlds, offering hands-on help in many diverse circumstances, demonstrating respect and understanding of the person’s values as well as his own.  He was respectful and circumspect yet when asked was willing to provide unvarnished truths.
Randy had a truly rich inner life filled with genuine love, contemplative kind caring and honest respect for those fortunate people he held close to his heart.  To know Randy well was to be in a blessed and beautiful relationship and we will forever cherish him.
Randy is survived by his wife Sharon, and their children and seven grandchildren.  Randy has two children from his marriage with Carol Doolittle, Megan Ireson-Janke (married to Eric, with stepson Sawyer and daughters Anya and Tessa); and Bryhn Ireson (married to Rachel, with son Graffin).  When Sharon and Randy joined their hearts in 1998 he folded Sharon’s children into his life and held them as his own: Aaron Spall (married to Christine, with stepson Logan, daughter Kiera); and Briana Wamsley (married to Nick, with son Elias). He is also survived by his uncle Jack Gillespie, and his brother Robert (married to Caroline, daughter Mollie).


A Celebration of Life is planned for 1:30 pm, Saturday December 16th at Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service. 

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Guest Book Entries

I will miss you, and I'll recall our time together fondly. 

Rest In Peace - JB

Your inspiration to serve is a great legacy for all to follow.

Randy was a true gentlemen, mentor and friend to all of us in Oregon Wing. He lived Civil Air Patrol's core values: Integrity, Excellence, Volunteer Service and Respect. It was a honor and privilege to have known him.

I was privileged to know Randy for many years and learned much from him.  He was a true friend and will be greatly missed.
Rest in Peace my friend. 

The reality of you being gone breaks my heart. You continue to be my teacher as I practice finding peace. Warm and loving thoughts to all who have been touched by you. My heart will mend and you will be part of the gold that holds it together.

Thank you, Randy, for your collaboration on our Quaker work to strengthen agriculture in North Korea, work that you took to a much higher level. I'm sure there are people in North Korea who remember you well and with gratitude.