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Pre-Planning Form

By completing this form, you are gathering needed information as well as able to select the type of remembrance, celebration of life or services you wish your family to be aware of.  
The type of information you will be asked to provide is vital statistical information, which is needed for the death certificate, this is a secure site so all information is encrypted. Then, by continuing on, you may select the type of services you wish as well as urn or casket selection.
Following this review, some people wish to prepay for the services selected, this guarantees the costs that Golden's are responsible for, so there will be no increase of cost to the family for those items selected.
If you wish to follow thru, please contact us.
  To avoid an error message, please fill in all of the areas.

Information Required For The Oregon Death Certificate
U.S. Armed Forces?
Within City Limits?
Any Hispanic Heritage?
Marital Status:

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