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Cremations Update - New Mailing Process for Cremains

Priority Mail Express is Required with Signature Option

We offer assistance with the mailing of cremains (human and animal ashes). We are also providing this new information for those who wish to use the mailing system directly. 

In September 2019, the USPS - United States Post Office announced that it has created new rules for shipping cremains in the U.S. mail system.

Although this can be done with regular mail, the new process ensures a better delivery experience.

From the USPS news release :

Introducing new requirements for shipping Cremated Remains increases visibility making the mailing process more secure through the postal network.

The following steps have been taken to improve visibility of these shipments during processing and transportation.

Customers shipping Cremated Remains (human and animal ashes), both Domestic and International, must use Priority Mail Express (PME) service only.
Cremated Remains packages mailed via the Priority Mail Express service will be limited to only four shipping options:

Signature Required
Signature Waived
Return Receipt and
Additional Insurance

For a full description of the new mailing process, view the USPS blog article: