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Mykel N. McArthur

August 21, 1941 - June 11, 2020

Mykel N. McArthur 
Mykel passed away peacefully on June 11, 2020 after a battle with lung cancer. She put up a strong fight and held onto hope until the very end. She was born in Portland, Oregon on August 21, 1941 to Robert and Nora McArthur, and grew up in Glide, Oregon.

She was known for her kind heart and sweet, loving nature. She was always available to lend a helping hand, or shoulder to cry on.

She was a free spirit and loved to travel and explore new places. She loved galivanting all over the country side and making new friends along the way. She would call her kids and tell them that she was leaving tomorrow and would be back some time later. She had wonderful friends, who she loved to hike and camp with, or just go junk shopping with.

She was also way ahead of her time in the artistic department. She loved to paint, particularly watercolors, and her paintings are everywhere in the homes of those she loved. She could sew anything (with or without a pattern) and her Singer sewing machine has many, many miles on it! Her yard was always an oasis of beauty and imagination, putting her artistic mark on everything she planted. She could honestly do anything that she could possibly imagine, and amazed everyone around her.

Mykel is survived by her children, Tammy (and Don) Norrington, Pam (and Greg) Starkjohann, James (and Cheryl) Cox, and 6 grandchildren. She is also survived by the love of her life, Vern Gauthier. In the last years of her life, Vern showed her kindness, and true love and devotion. They were snowbirds and spent their winters in Yuma, Arizona. They traveled as often as they could and truly enjoyed their retirement together.

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