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Milton (Milt) Albert Speegle

June 22, 1959 - July 27, 2020

Some highlights his life.  He was born in Brownfield, TX, the youngest of 5 children of Harry Stuart Speegle, Sr. & Rose LaVelle Cline Speegle. After his birth, our family moved from Brownfield TX to Chili, NM then to Hayward, CA & settled in Lancaster, CA in 1966.  Albert went to Eastside Union Grade School & then Antelope Valley High School.  He joined the Marines right after graduating High School in 1977. He was honorably discharged from the Marines in 1991.  As a Marine, he traveled from Lancaster, CA to San Diego, CA for Boot Camp, then to Pendleton CA to Memphis, TN for training, to MCAS Cherry Point NC to Iwakuni/Okinawa Japan & then back to MCAS Cherry Point in NC.  He married & divorced Cathy during his last years in the Marines. During the Marines, he started a battle with alcohol which he was able to beat after he got out.  After the Marines, he moved to Sacramento, CA & lived for many years with his sister Carol.  In Sacramento he married & divorced his second wife Tabitha.  In 2009 Carol & Albert moved to Salem, OR.  He died in Salem after a hard battle with heart disease & diabetes. His struggles to meet the criteria for a heart transplant were not successful.
            His interests were dogs, chess, strategic/complex board & online games & creating from wood & metal.  As a child he loved on dogs-once too well & a dog bit him in the nose!  He was involved with various role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Travellers, often as the leader.  He & Carol played long games of Settlers with friends in CA/OR & family, as when Harry visited on his long-distance truck route.  He created many things from wood & metal-one of his last satisfying jobs was making displays for new items in home improvement store.
            He was an independent thinker, great at strategy, competitive, & able to form friendships with differing groups.  Once his sister Chris was engaged in an unsuccessful fund-raising effort selling plush animals, he sold her remaining product at a Starbucks to relative strangers!
            He made a profession of faith in Christ as savior in childhood.  His baptism was performed by Brother Travis Hubbard for the First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church in Lancaster, CA.  As an adult, he practiced his beliefs outside a formal relationship with any church.
            He is survived by friends; his siblings Carrollyn Anita Speegle, Christina Alenia Speegle, Harry Stuart Speegle Jr, & Cynthia Ann Speegle Hyneman; 8 nieces & nephews; 9 great nieces & nephews; & his two beloved Chihuahua dogs, Chase & Tai-Leone. 
            To leave messages for his family, please go to
            Please send any donations to the American Heart Association.

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Wish I had known you better.  You look so much like your namesake and grandfather, Albert Cline.  You will be so missed by those who loved you.