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Mark Reid Jorgensen

January 1, 2021 - January 1, 2021

Mark Reid JorgensenMark Reid JorgensenMark Reid Jorgensen was born silently on Friday January 1st 2021 at 3:24 am pst, to parents W.Scott & Kelsey Jorgensen at Oregon Health and Human Sciences in Portland Oregon.
he weighed 1.4 ounces 4.5 inches he was supposed to be born June 3rd 2021

he was greatly wanted and very loved we where blessed to have him even though it was for too short of a time. We are eager for the day he will return as promised in Acts 24:15 “There is going to be a resurrection.” and in John 5:28, 29.

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Guest Book Entries

Hi son, it's your dad. I've had a hard time processing your loss, so it's been tough for me to put into words what I want to say here. Your grampa passed away a few months ago and I'm still dealing with that. I haven't been able to emotionally deal with your loss on top of that. 
Just know that we would have been ready for you. You would have been loved. Your older sister was ready to greet you, and so was your older brother and your mother. She's a good mom and would have taken great care of you. You would have had a proper upbringing. You and I would have shared so much. There were so many things I could have taught you about life. We would have played catch, watched football and so much more. I'm sorry you didn't make it and still don't know what to think. Your mother has been devastated at losing you. I'm sure I will be too, once the reality of it fully hits me.