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Lambert N Wenner

March 5, 1927 - September 6, 2019


Lambert N. Bert Wenner
The loss of another outstanding Greatest Generation!
Bert was born on March 5, 1927 at the family home in Roseau, MN. Parents were Lambert N. Wenner and Louise Mork Wenner. Bert lived on the family farm from 1927 to his entry into the U.S. Army in 1945. Bert attended Roseau Public Schools and graduated in 1945. The house was under 800 square feet with 9 family members and had no electricity or plumbing.
Bert passed on September 26, 2019 at the age of 92 from natural causes at their home in Salem, OR. Death was sudden and he enjoyed each day until passing.
Bert was a veteran of WW II and served in Alaska including the remote island of Attu. Bert was promoted very rapidly and was honorably discharged in 1947 with the rank of Staff Sergeant. Bert was offered a direct commission but was color blind and failed to qualify.
Upon leaving the military, Bert attended St. Cloud State Teachers College in St. Cloud, MN. Bert graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1950 with a BS degree. Bert spent several years teaching in High Schools in Oregon and Montana. Bert returned to SCSU to study for his master’s degree and became the first ever person to receive a master’s degree from the college. Bert then became a teacher in the U. of Maryland American High School in Japan and Nurnberg, Germany in 1958.
While in Nurnberg, he met Inge Hitz, a local young lady that worked for the insurance company that handled Bert’s insurance business. Inge became the love of his life and they were married in 1960 with both a civil wedding and a church wedding in Fuerth, Bayern, Germany.
After leaving Nurnberg, Bert continued his teaching career in the U.S. on the college level until returning to school to work on his Doctoral Degree. Bert received his PhD. In Environmental Sociology from Syracuse U. Bert then became a visiting lecturer for the U. of Maryland and enjoyed several years lecturing to U.S. forces in Japan and other locations in Asia.
His final career choice was as an environmental impact analyst with the U.S. Forest Service, retiring in 1962 as the Asst. Director for Environmental Quality, USDA. He authored several Forest Service pamphlets and bulletins during his years of service. In addition, he received several merit awards and merit pay.
Bert and Inge loved traveling above all other activities and pursued this passion for the balance of their lives. Tent camping in Europe when younger, car travels in the U.S. and finally, over 300 days of ocean and river cruises during retirement. They also enjoyed reading, hiking, day trips and gourmet dining.
For the sake of brevity, many of Bert’s activities are omitted as their lives were of continuous change and new challenges. Bert also loved his extensive family of brothers, nieces, nephews and his many friends.
Bert was preceded in death by his parents, brothers Winton and Harry and sisters-in-law Lavonne Wenner and Hilda Wenner. Bert is survived by his wife Inge who passed on November 4, 2019, brothers: Adrian M. Santa Barbara, CA, Ward R. (Phyllis) West Covina, CA, Mike (Lorraine) St. Cloud, MN, Alan (Glenda) McMinnville, OR., sister-in-law Lois St. Cloud. Bert is also survived by 13 nephews and nieces plus many others as well as several friends.
Bert’s greatest accomplishments were the outstanding work that he always did mentoring his brothers as well as the hundreds of students that he taught. He was a man of great character, ethics, honesty and morality.
Bert’s remains were cremated and will be disposed of according to the terms of his will. For further information, contact: Alan Wenner,

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