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Kimberly Alice Day

July 16, 1963 - March 1, 2021

Kimberly grew up in Salem and Silverton and attended Chemeketa where she majored in Art and sang in the chorus. In her twenties she performed in the circus. Later she drove trucks on highway construction projects and retired from driving triple trailers for a package delivery company. She loved horses, was an excellent artist and home decorator.
She was preceded in death by her brother Bill and is survived by her father John Day.
She will be buried next to her brother in Jason Lee Cemetery. Assisting the family is Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service.

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Guest Book Entries

Kim was a great neighbor. She loved our luncheons and coffee time. She also loved attending Thirsty Thursday’s at the BCC clubhouse. She loved her father and always spoke so fondly and so appreciative of him. She will be missed. Ruth 

My wife, Karen, and sister Linda had an over night trip to the Spokane area back a few years ago to meet up with some relatives visiting from Sweden.  We enjoyed our time with her and was also able to see her farm and animals in Eastern Oregon.  She also called us several times while on the road driving those big triple trailers just to visit.  Her passion for animals, and especially the elephants was very obvious.  We have been able to keep contact with her father, John, and will continue to do so.   

Iam a old friend of Kimberly's and can say a love and partner for several years.Iknew how she struggled with having bi polar and alcohol issues that made her life very hard and lonely for her.She was a very smart and loving woman that could also be so stubborn as not to ask for help when she needed.Her and I just started talking after 20+ years and were planning to visit soon.I was really looking forward to it as.was she.My heart hurts and the time passes for us all but iam so happy I got to say I was sorry for any pain I may have caused her and she also did the same.We will ride our bikes together another time as we will meet again,but now she can rest be lonely no more cause she's with the lord.Rest in peace my friend until we meet again.This party is just getting started....Love you!! JACKAMO

My dearest friend of 30 years Kimberly, I have cried every day since I heard of your passing.There are so few people who I can still call a close and dear friend, now I have one less. I miss you so much Kimberly, so very much.I just spoke with you one to two hours before your horrific incident. You have left a hole in more people's hearts and lives than you know.So many of us are in shock.We love and loved you Kimberly and you are missed. John, you picked the perfect photo to post. She would have approved and loved you even more if that's possible, for choosing it.Rest in peace my sweet and loving friend.

John, although we haven't met; I feel as if I have known you for years. Kimberly spoke highly of you and loved you very much. I know she was always guarded about her feelings, so she may not have told you just how much you meant to her. I thought you should know. Ever since you broke the news to me about Kimberly, I can't stop thinking of her every day, practically every waking hour. Kim was very near and dear to my heart. My family and I have been changed by her passing. We loved her so very much. After 30 years of friendship, who wouldn't? I know you are in pain as are we; however, losing a child regardless of the age, is something I hope that I won't have to go through. Our hearts and our prayers are with you. And I hope that Kimberly knows how much she is missed. God bless.

Rest in peace dear relativ.