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Jane Norris

August 2, 1926 - December 17, 2019

Jane  NorrisJane  NorrisJane Norris passed away December 17, 2019, at the age of 93.
Bette Jane Moore was born August 2, 1926 in Chippewa, Ohio to Sheridan “Bud” Moore and Ruth (Adams) Moore. The Moore family lived in Salina, Kansas. Jane graduated from Kansas State University where she met Lou Norris. They married in 1947 and lived in Kansas until the family moved to Salem in 1960. Jane was widowed in 1974. Oregon was home for the rest of her life.

Jane worked as an elementary and special education teacher in the Salem/Keizer School District. She went onto become a successful real estate agent. Her charisma transformed her clients into close friends, many of whom would join her family for the holidays.

Jane loved Oregon’s natural beauty and was a proud member of the Chemeketans. Always adventuresome, she took an Outward Bound course on the Deschutes River while in her 60’s and traveled to Egypt for her 70th birthday.

Jane will be remembered as an independent, gracious woman of remarkable beauty and intelligence. She radiated style and elegance and was passionate about art, travel, history, literature, antiques, celebrations, hiking, dogs, and Oregon.

She is survived by her children, Kate (Jim) Wallace of Salem, Oregon, Perry Norris (Seana Doherty) of Truckee, California, Todd (Janeene) Norris of Lake Oswego, Oregon, and several grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband, Louis R. Norris, daughter, Lindsey Norris Green, and grandson, Brian Campbell Norris.

The family thanks Willamette Valley Hospice for their care and support. 

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Guest Book Entries

My sympathy to you all. Hope good memories & love surround you. 

Hello, my name is Michael hiestand and first met Jane because I was buddies with her son Perry when we were teenagers. I guess I called her Jane because he did.

im getting pretty old and can’t remember everybody I’ve met — plus I can be a little cynical about people anyway.

but I remember her pretty well, because she was so upbeat, had a pretty smile and laughed along with Perry and me when it would have been more logical to laugh at us. 

one time in high school we came back from Yosemite have wisely run out of money and hadn’t eaten in a bit. Rather than dwell on our financial mismanagement, she made us piles of food even when Perry and I said we were still hungry and cook she cook us each another whole cow.

another time in high school she lent us her cool old thunderbird so we could take a couple months driving aimlessly around the west. Not exactly a sensible idea although everything ended up fine.

what’s funny to me is I hardly knew her and hadn’t seen her for years. I know she led a good long life and all that, but I distinctly remember her being so likable, patient and had a good sense of humor. Like we’d watch Perry have a few cups of coffee in the morning and he was so high strung he already have sweated thru his shirt. It was funny. 

mainly, though, I just remember her as a kind, smart, optimistic, patient person — so much so that even if you hardly knew her you’d remember her decades later. 

Such a wonderful, elegant and patient lady. Not every mother would open their home to raft-loads of her son's river buddies weekend upon weekend, turning all outdoor surfaces into wet-suit drying racks and blanketing floor space with sleeping pads. It was an honor to share a fun lunch with Kate, Todd & Perry last October.