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Judith Paulette Scudder

April 3, 1952 - April 28, 2018

Rhodin Blackshaw Scudder
May 27, 1951 -June 4, 2017
Judith Paulette Scudder
April 3, 1952 - April 28, 2018
After a brief separation, Rhodin and Judi Scudder have reunited in heaven with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Shortly after their respective 66th birthdays, they joined their beloved daughter, Rebecca Michelle, who has awaited their arrival since 1976.   Rhodin, born to Rhodin H. and Wendy Scudder in Los Angeles, California, and Judi, born to Joseph and Edith Blevins in Cincinnati, Ohio, both grew up in Downey, California. In Downey, they met and fell in love as bright eyed youngsters from rival high schools. On December 10, 1968 they were joined in marriage and began their almost 49 year long journey of love and partnership in seeking God's will for their lives. Though long-time residents of Downey, the Scudder couple's journey also included homes in Lake Elsinore, CA; Covina, CA; Salem, OR; South Lake Tahoe, CA; Brookdale, CA near Santa Cruz; and most recently for Judi a return to Salem. Through it all, God blessed them with a quiver full of children, some through birth, and some through adoption, and all eleven loved whole-heartedly. Rhodin and Judi were also loving foster parents to over 20 children in California and Oregon.  In their 40s, and with the support of their 10 living children, Rhodin and Judi together completed their associate's degrees in graphic and computer arts at Chemeketa Community College. Rhodin provided for his family for many years as a man of integrity in sales. He also had experience in printing and engraving, computer programming, and most recently in sales for Hertz Rental Cars. He was looking forward to retirement. Judi had a successful administrative assistant career for companies in Southern California. Prior to retirement, she was a top rate graphic artist for The Tahoe Tribune and The Nevada Appeal in Carson City, NV. In her ten years there she was known for her stellar and creative obituaries that truly honored the lives of deceased loved ones.  Their faith and love for God was the theme of their life, as well as their love for children and family. Then there was most definitely the theme of MUSIC! Judi, who was an accomplished pianist for Tahoe Community Church, also played French horn, and taught herself to play the more portable harmonica in later years. Their children, friends, and family express joy at remembering the times they listened to Judi play piano along to Rhodin's beautiful baritone voice. He blessed others with his voice in church choir, barbershop groups, and recently in solo at a daughter's wedding.  Other hobbies they enjoyed were wood-working, watching movies, painting, quilting and sewing, reading, and Bible study. They were devoted members of church families wherever they went but were most recently beloved members at Trinity Bible Church in Felton, California.   We their surviving children are heartbroken at our loss. But we rest in our faith, knowing that this sadness is not the end of their story. Their legacy lives on, and in God's timing we will be reunited. We are: Tricia (Scott) Behncke of Salem, Sarah (Boaz) Buechley of Knoxville, TN, Rhodin Matthew Scudder of Knoxville, TN, Priscilla (Corey) Holder of Salem, Patti (Matt) Mann of Pocatello, ID, Kris (August) Wright of Yuba City, CA, Peter (Lucy) Scudder of MA, Wendy Scudder of NV, Michael Scudder of Salem, and RuthAnne Scudder of CA.  Judi is also survived by her loving sister Pat of Turlock, CA.   Surviving 15 grandchildren include: Zackary, Rebekah, and Rachel Maddox; Cannon, Will, and Gabriella Buechley; Brandon and Melissa Holder; Ember and Conner Mann; Christian, Nathan, and Rhodin Fagan; Teresa and Lizzie Scudder; and one great-granddaughter Payton Maddox.   We would like to thank our loving Savior for our dear extended family who gave unconditional love and support at all times: Wendy Phillips, Hans and Karin Reith, Ruth and Ken Miklaucic, Ken and Anne Chapman, Mike and Sierra Maddox, Doris and Jaime Kinslow, Colleen and Albert Elser, and Larry and Robin Tucker.  Services will be held Saturday, May 5th at 10:00  a.m. at Salem Evangelical Church, 455 Locust St. NE., in Salem, Oregon.   Assisting the family is Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service.

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