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Timothy (Tim) Hannan

December 2, 1941 - March 12, 2018

Tim loved a good story.  His began December 2, 1941, in Seattle, Washington.  The seventh of ten kids, his childhood crisscrossed Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Texas.  Bring up the Capitol Theater, Coeur d’Alene, or the house on Amherst and the names of friends and their youthful adventures quickly followed.  A gifted student (and teacher, always and ‘til the end), Tim placed a high value on education and learning.  He was a graduate of Central Catholic HS, the University of Portland, Portland State University, and the school of quick wit and retort.  A lover of life’s rich and variegated patterns, the tapestry of his favorite things would be made up of - art, the ocean, camping, philosophy, telling jokes, his kids, their kids, poker, travel (especially England and Hawaii), mysteries (the book kind), music and musicals, Mustangs and Spitfires and cars of all kinds.  For many, to say Tim’s name without it being followed by, “& Jo”, would seem incomplete and wouldn’t properly reflect the love they shared for 56 years.  Together, they took great pride in being a part of the community as the owners of “the bookstore in West Salem” for 27 years.  Tim’s family and friends were the life blood and connective tissue that took him from Seattle to Salem to Crosby to Portland, London, York, Naples, Hawaii, and back…home.  And if you’re reading this and knew him, even a little bit, know that he counted himself the lucky one for having known you.  Tim died on March 12, 2018.  He is survived by his friend and wife, Jo; sisters, Fran and Mary; brothers, Pat and Bill; beloved grandchildren – Spencer, Maddy, Kiera and Max; his children, Stacey, Niall, Josh and their loved ones, Nelson, Kristina and Kristin.  In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to the following charities: or 

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