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LeAnne Sorensen Miller

August 14, 1954 - December 17, 2017

LeAnne Sorensen Miller, aged 63, passed away on December 17, 2017. She is survived by her husband Eric, her daughters, Marisa, Crystel, LeShall, and Jeanah, her six grandchildren, and her sister Karen. LeAnne was loved by her family and will be missed. LeAnne was born and raised in Salem Oregon, but has lived all over the country, traveling at whim. LeAnne was always able to make life interesting and sometimes exciting, no matter the situation, but did enjoy just being with her daughters and grandchildren. For remembrance of LeAnne, please plant a white daisy in your garden as she loved them. God Bless and may Angels always be around you.

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Guest Book Entries


I’d been thinking of my mother, who died some years ago
And feeling sad. (I love her and deeply miss her so.)
When came a message that you had died, my oldest friend, so dear. 
I couldn’t believe the awful words that muffled in my ears. 
My gut wrenched with the thought 
as my eyes filled up 
with burning, streaming tears. 
And I listened again to what the message said, straining my ears to hear. 
The words clamored their sound, their dissident sound, and said what I had feared - 
That you were gone and we were left feeling alone and empty here. 
How to express the heartache I feel?  Or support others who feel it, too?
My words to rhyme is all I can do, so I’ll write this poem for you:
They say true friendship is never broken by time or miles apart
And that coming together imprints the love even deeper upon our hearts. 
So it’s been with you and me,
So close and then apart,
Our friendship strengthened and renewed so deep within our hearts. 
Best friends when we were kiddos
Born two months apart. 
I remember our kindergarten and my birthday at old Bush Park!
I still have the piggy bank you gave to me that day and every time I see it I remember us at play. 
My family moved soon after that and so we parted ways.
Letters written back and forth kept us close during those days. 
We’d visit as we grew older whenever spring break came and sometimes in the summer we’d visit just the same. 
But then life happened and took us away from those happy, carefree days.
Hardships and trials, life’s ups and downs, molded us in different ways, but
You’d reach out to me and I’d reach out to you and always our friendship remained. 
Now, I wish I’d called you or written one last time instead of waiting for Christmas to drop a holiday line. 
People have said that life’s too short and I’d agree with that. 
Don’t put off things we ought to do like write or call to chat.
So now I hope you can hear me for your friendship meant so much -
I’ll reach out to you, 
please reach out to me 
for our spirits, one last time,
to touch. 

I’ll always love you and cherish our memories...... Ginny


You were first my coworker and then quickly became my friend. You always knew how to make me laugh on a bad day and be a comfort in times of sorrow. I really missed you when you moved away. Now you have moved again to a place much farther away. But I know that you are finally free of all the pain you were in and are finally at peace. So now I pray for your girls, that they find peace in knowing that you are in God's arms. Love and miss you my friend! Bonnie

I can believe your gone mom. Almost 30 years I've had the privilege to call you that, all your kind and loving words. I feel really bad that I want there for you when you needed me most but I'm sure you know my love for you haven't changed. Tristen and love you forever and more...until we meet again mom! Christain Porcher-Gorham Mt. Pleasant SC