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Verne Henry Jacobson

April 8, 1924 - May 13, 2017

Verne Henry Jacobson passed away peacefully on May 13, 2017 in Salem, Oregon.
He lived a service-oriented life for 93 years, generous to a fault and always putting the needs of others above his own.
Born in Ft. Collins, Colorado, April 8, 1924, he was orphaned at five but in later years found all his orphaned brothers and sisters, remaining close to them throughout his life.
Adopted by Edgar and Kathleen Jacobson, he grew up in a loving home on their ranch in Adrian, Texas, along with his sister Norrien, also adopted by the Jacobson's. He developed a lifelong love of animals and for the ranching way of life.
A decorated combat veteran of World War II, he served in the Army in the Pacific theatre and was wounded in the battle of Okinawa.
Later, his military law-enforcement experience as an MP would lead to serving the county of San Diego, California, as a career probation officer. After retiring, he and wife Margie settled in Salem, helping others in ways such as delivering for Meals-on-Wheels. Most recently they have resided in Dallas, Oregon in the loving care of Larry Waddell, his family and staff.
Verne was a devout Christian both in worship and in daily living, serving those in need in whatever community he was in.
He is survived by his wife Margie. He also has a son Stan by a previous marriage, grandchildren Heath and Andrea, and great-grand-daughter Olivia.

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