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Jorgen "Joe" Gulliksen

February 27, 1939 - May 9, 2017

Dad was born to Jorgen Coates Gulliksen and Dorothy Elizabeth Gulliksen (McGovern) on February 27, 1939 in a small town nestled in the northern California redwoods that both he and his cousin agreed was the perfect place at the perfect time. He spent his childhood enjoying the outdoors, starting a journey toward his lifelong career in forestry among the iconic trees, tagging along with the lumber crews as a child, obtaining Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts, hunting and fishing with friends and family.

Prior to serving as a radio technician in the Army in Germany during the cold war, Dad worked on the southern Oregon coast for a group trialing balloon logging.  After returning from Germany, Dad obtained a degree in Forestry through Humboldt State University before working for the Bureau of Land Management. Dad's work required a couple of relocations, from Redding to Riverside and eventually to Salem.

Dad married Mom while he was working in California, where they had a son and a daughter. They later divorced, but remained lifelong friends. Dad is survived by his sister Terry (Leo) Lawrence, cousin Jim McGovern, son Jorgen (Ermilita) Gulliksen, daughter Andrea (Raul) Flores, grandsons Kai Gulliksen and Raul Flores, and granddaughter Joanna Flores. 

Dad's hobby had always been exploring, having started with the childhood dream of joining the French Foreign Legion. As an adult he enjoyed playing golf and guiding us on road trips to see historical sites, geological landmarks and lighthouses. A few of his cross country trips were made via car and train to places like Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, North Dakota, Montana and Chicago.   

He enjoyed watching his grandson play baseball, even if it meant under a blanket on a chilly spring day or via a game cast on the computer. He also liked watching movies with his grandkids and reading to them.

Some of his favorite foods were BBQ ribs, crab and salmon and he was lucky enough to live much of his life in areas that specialized in their production. He also had a notorious sweet tooth for chocolate covered espresso beans, Lacie chocolate cookies and Mtn Dew.

He, like some cats, seemed to have nine lives, having survived polio as a child as well as two bouts of colon cancer, kidney cancer, post operative peritonitis, gallbladder infection, gallstone induced pancreatitis, and aortic tears that required a three hour ambulance ride to the hospital. But like many cats, he lost his last life to leukemia.

Generous to a fault at times, he took pride in helping friends, family and even those with few means when they needed a hand. He made sure in any situation where his blessings might exceed those of others that he echoed a mantra his father set forth; "Always leave something for the next guy," he would say.

Services to be 1:00pm Friday, May 19, 2017 at Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service.

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