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Anna Donahe

May 29, 1998 - April 8, 2017

Of Salem, Oregon, formally of Tokyo Japan, passed away April 8th, 2017.  Born in Japan, May 29th, 1998, she resided in Kawasaki, then Tokyo Japan, before moving to Salem Oregon in July 2009.  Anna was accepted to the University of Oregon’s Product Design program in September 2016, when she began her freshman year.
Anna is survived by her sister Lena, her mother Yuko, her father Leslie Jr, her paternal grandmother Chitoshi, her maternal grandmother Yukiko, aunt Kyoko, cousins Shion and Yuho, grand-aunt Marie, grand-uncles Paul and Mike, and many cousins and friends.
Grand-daughter of the late Leslie Sr of Salem and the late Otosaku of Japan; grand-niece of the late Ronald of MA and the late Phyllis of MA.
Anna had an incredible ability to understand and care for others.  She would put others first before herself.  She was keen on detail, a characteristic that she would put to use on everything she made and encountered.  She was honest, talkative, funny, strong, understanding, kind, determined, smart, creative, brilliant, multi-talented and inspiring.  She was great at whatever she put her mind to.  All together, she was a beautiful soul who touched many hearts.
Anna excelled at art.  In Elementary School, her watercolor painting of herself brushing her teeth won an award for a tooth brushing event.  Her artistic passions further expanded in art class in high school and at the university.  She left behind many beautiful artwork that brought color and life at home, where her mother would display it.  Anna also loved to listen to and play music with her guitar, ukulele and piano.  It wasn’t uncommon to see her sing along with her guitar and ukulele.  She had an amazing and unique voice to express herself musically.
Other than art classes, Anna also took culinary at South Salem High School SSHS.  Her brilliance in cooking and her qualities as a leader earned her place as Team Captain for Nationals.  In 2016 the culinary team at SSHS placed 5th at a national level, the top-most public school.  Anna participated at Bistro nights at the school, cooking and serving for long hours to create magnificently detailed and intricate dishes.  Her love for cooking was also seen at home, where she oftentimes made food for the family.  It’s still a true statement to say that no one could still top Anna’s delicious and flavorful Thanksgiving turkey.
Visitation for all who care to express a loving farewell to Anna will be held from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Sunday, April 16, 2017 at Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service.
Anna was a dedicated believer in righting the wrongs of the world, bringing to awareness the injustices, and most of all highlighting good.  In keeping faith with her beliefs, in lieu of flowers, we request donations be made to charities or causes of choice.

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