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Robert C. Harper

March 6, 1936 - April 3, 2017

Bob is survived by his wife Mary Ellen, his daughter Sherrie Ambroz and his son Robert L. Harper.

Bob was one of those men that other men recognized instantly as one of the best. A man who didn't talk a lot but his intentions and actions were always thought out and backed with strength and determination. Bob was an excellent bow hunter, skilled motorcyclist and had an instinct for photography. He loved golf and was a very good golfer! He built a beautiful home nearly alone. Bob could always find a way to do what he needed to do. His dedication and hard work are legendary.

Bob loved the outdoors....raised in the mountains, riding his horse across the ridges and camping under the stars with his horse. This appreciation of nature and the outdoors continued throughout his life.

Bob's sister Lorraine Potter, has many stories of growing up together and most of them made them laugh.

Bob had a 62 year marriage with Mary Ellen and they had four children together.

We will  see you soon Dad.


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