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Dale L. Hill

November 24, 1936 - July 29, 2016

Dale L. Hill was born on 11-24-36 in Deadwood, SD. He passed away on 7-29-16 in Salem, OR, at 79 years of age. He was in Salem Hospital for 10 days before his death. After being transported to the hospital by ambulance on 7-19-16 with severe shortness of breath, due to his congestive heart failure, he was diagnosed with Sepsis blood poisoning. The next day, the infection went into his artificial knee. They were concerned it might go to his pace-maker, and since he was pace-maker dependent, they took him into surgery on Friday night as soon as they could get his INR blood coagulation ratio to a safe level for surgery. He had several medical issues going on, but was feeling a little better on Sunday and Monday. They put in a pick-line for him to receive I.V. antibiotics for 6-8 weeks, and they were planning on him going to a rehab facility before he could go home. The doctors were so encouraged that his body was finally responding to treatment. However, on Monday evening he became very ill with massive internal bleeding, and he was losing more blood than they could replace. Once again, as soon as they could get the INR down, they took him back into surgery Tuesday evening and tried to stop the bleeding. After the surgery was complete, he went into Cardiac Arrest for 30 minutes. They were able to keep him alive, but there was a possibility that he had suffered brain damage. About 3 hours later he went into Cardiac Arrest again for 11 minutes. Again, they kept him alive, but he never regained consciousness. Salem Hospital's Band of Angels did everything within their power to help keep him living. He never wanted to be kept alive on life support, so we had to make the worst decision of our life and let him go. With his family by his side, we prayed for him, sang to him, shared memories with each other, and filled the room with love for a very Special man that we were all so blessed to have in our life!!!!!! Dale struggled so hard to live and breath for the last year due to his congestive heart failure. He is at peace now, God Bless him!!!

Dale was a true fighter and no matter how he felt, he always told everyone he was fantastic with a smile on his face! He was a loving, sweet and wonderful man; so true, so kind, so gentle, so thoughtful, and loved by everyone who knew him. He was the best Husband, Daddy Dale, Papa Dale, Grandpa, Brother-in-law, Uncle, Nephew, Cousin, Friend and Sweetheart that any of us could have ever known!!!

Dale was raised in Inglewood, CA, and went on to college where he played football for the Idaho Vandals. He then joined the Army, spending his active duty time in Germany. After the Army, he joined the Inglewood Fire Department and worked his way up to Fire Chief. In 1979, he was hired as the Fire Chief for Salem. Dale later started Liberty Financial Services, an Investment Brokerage Firm.

Dale has always loved all sports, especially football and going to the Beaver football games with his buddy, Bill. When he was younger he was an avid water skier and spent a lot of time on the Colorado River. He owned several boats and loved being out in the ocean and also enjoyed scuba diving!!! He had fun hunting, fishing, golfing, and enjoyed music, dancing and going to concerts! He and Marilou enjoyed traveling for many of their 36 years together, including traveling to Europe. For over 20 years, he enjoyed going camping with family and friends and taking the Grandchildren camping in the motor home, one of the greatest joys in his life!!! He thought he was so blessed to enjoy God’s country with his beautiful Grandchildren! He loved to go razor clam digging, ride bikes, play games and sit around the camp fire! He was a very patriotic man and was so proud to be an American! Dale belonged to the Salem Elks as well as the American Legion. He also was a Past President of Salem Life Underwriters Association and served on their board for several years.

In 1980, Dale met Marilou, the love of his life, and she gave him the beautiful family that he had always wished for!!! He is survived by son Ron Olstedt of Phoenix, AZ, his daughter Sheri & husband Sean Dooney of Portland, OR, and 7 Grandchildren: Brian, Sean Michael, Meagan, Danny, Erin, Ronan, and Molly. Also his daughter Tami & husband Tim Tyler of Tucson, AZ, and 6 Grandchildren: Jason, Ashli, Amy, Ryan, Maria, Sophia, and Great Grandson, Izea. He leaves behind his brother-in-law and Beaver buddy Bill Pringle, his 2 dear nieces Autumn Peele & family and Kelly Baldwin & family, as well as his sweet Aunt Mary, Uncle Duane, and many wonderful Cousins! Dale will always love his beautiful family with all his heart and forever thank God for his wonderful blessings!

Services will be 3:30pm Monday, August 8, 2016 at St. Paul's Episcopal Church (1444 Liberty St. SE), immediately followed by a Celebration of Dale's Life, from 5:00pm to 8:00pm at the Dye House (Willamette Heritage Center - 1313 Mill St. SE) in Salem.

In lieu of flowers, remembrances may be made in Dale's memory to West Salem Rotary (PO Box 5438, Salem, OR 97304) where he was a past President and was so proud to have 29 years of perfect attendance. Dale felt that Rotary International stood for what he has always believed in: Service Above Self!!!!!!!!!

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Guest Book Entries

Mike Carrick -- Marilou, I wish I had gotten to know Dale better. 


We are very sorry for your loss.  Dale was always cheerful and friendly.

Chuck & Sally Austin

my heart & prayers go out to you marillou and your family, so sorry for your loss.

Marilou and Tami:  Dale was a mentor to me in the infancy of my career, and were it not for him I wouldn't be where I am now.  He was a man of great integrity and grace, respected by all.  His ready laughter was contagious.  Kathy's and my hearts go out to you and the rest of the family.

I remember Dale growing up as he is my 2nd cousin. My mom Ruth is his first cousin. I am so sorry for the loss of such a wonderful man. I remember hearing such great stories. Another angel in heaven...God bless!! 


Marilou Hill I send so much love. We are thinking about you both. We love you guys & I'm happy that right now you are surrounded by family that loves & supports you during this time.

Sending our love and hugs to you Marilou. I will miss my Uncle Dale and his jolly smile and big hugs.  

Dale and I go back to the University of Idaho-Inglewood CA-Salem Oregon.  I will always treasure the times that Marilow-Dale-Bill and I spent going to the Beaver and Ducks Football Games. Dale was such a special person that know one would ever have a reason to say a bad word about him. He was a genuine true friend who you always knew had your back. Marilou-Tami-Sheri-Ron-Bill and all the 14 Grand and Great Grand Children have lost a Irreplaceble True Hero. RIP Vandal.



Dale as a retired Deputy Sheriff and long time Football player and coach I whish you peace with the lord and my your loved ones be at peace.
Ret. Senior Deputy Sheriff PCSO Andy P Lushenko


I can honestly say uncle Dale was the kindest, sweetest, patient and loving man I've been honored to know and love. He will be sorely missed by so very many that new his kind gentle soul.. RIP sweet Uncle.
Gone but you are with angels,
Auntie Sue, Grandma Pringle, Auntie Pat and of course your sweet mother Mildred. 
Never forgotten!!
i love you always,
Jeanne Syverson - Niece 

Dale got his start in the fire service in May of 1963 when he was hired by Chief Joe Smith to be a fireman on the Inglewood (CA) Fire Department. Dale quickly advanced through the ranks to eventually become Fire Chief of the IFD. In July 1979 he left our department to take the Fire Chief job in Salem. We were sad to see him leave our department, but wished him the best as he moved up in the fire service world. He was a great guy and a great leader and I am proud to have worked with, and for him. RIP Dale. 
Photo is of Dale presenting an engineer badge to one of our firefighters in 4/79. 
Dave Herbert
Inglewood Fire Department
1968 to '98

Marilou & Dale's Friends, Family and Fellow Firefighters:

I worked with Dale in the Inglewood Fire Department.  He was my Captain on Truck-1, and later when Dale was the Fire Chief he promoted me to Battalion Chief and assigned me as his Administrative Officer - where we worked together in Fire Administration along with Deputy Fire Chief Robert Hartzog who became Fire Chief after Dale left or Oregon.  Dale, as noted earlier, was a really wonderful person - and an exceptionally bright guy.  My wife and I spent many great times with Dale, over many years, at the river and on several special occasions.  I too was mentored by Dale throughout my firefighting career; and, without his personal and professional guidance I seriously doubt that I would have attained my career firefighting goals.  For those of you who are not firefighters, as the Inglewood Fire Chief, Dale commanded a Class One Fire Department.  To put that in perspective, there were only ten Class One Fire Departments in the United Sates at the time.  Dale also designed a Fire Service Fee Program that in later years has been utilized and adapted by almost all Fire Departments in California.  As an athlete, Dale played on the Inglewood Fire Department Soft Ball Team (Southern California Champions).  We used to laugh as Dale used the largest and heaviest bat any of us had ever seen.  I tried to use his bat once - struck out - could not get it off of my shoulder.

Dale T. Geldert
Director/Fire Chief - Retired
California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection (CALFIRE)
California State Forester      

We are so sorry for your loss.  Dale was a great man and we were so proud to have known him.
He also was a good yo-yo

Dear Marilou and family, I had just started working with Inglewood Fire Department when Dale was leaving so I didn't have the opportunity to work with him. I've heard so many great stories about Dale and they are great stories of a great man. I'm  so sorry for your loss and pray that your fondness  memories last forever.
Leigh and Karen Seaton (retired IFD)

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Dale was always "Family First" and that attitude extended out to his personal and business relationships, he made everyone feel they were included. That trait alone is huge and I can say without a doubt that it resonated in many ways to everyone he touched. You would be lucky if you ever meet as fine a man with the trustworthiness Dale personified.

We Love him forever... We were so blessed to have him in our lives and how he touched us all with the greatness of his heart!
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Monday, August 22, 2016 at 3:01 PM

I was so proud to have Dale as my brother in law for 36 years.  Actually, he was more like a brother and we had a very close friendship and bond that carried us through many life adventures.  I admired and respected Dale for his devotion to and love for my dear sister Marilou.  He was a kind and caring man with a deep love for his family and touched many lives in a profound way.  Dale was my Beaver Buddy and it's not going to be the same going to football games without him this year.  Here's a photo of the two of us enjoying a game together.   I hope all of you will remember his huge smile, loving heart, and fun times spent with family and friends.  As we recall the times we spent with him and the many wonderful memories of his life, he will forever be alive within our hearts.  Farewell my dear Dale.  

We have been neighbors of Dale for some 20- 30 years.  I know Dale as an energetic and well-loved member of the West Salem Rotary Club- and as a frequent visitor to East Club, where I am a member.  I was always proud to be the one to introduce fellow neighbor Dale.  His smile was infectious, and he always had a god word to say about life, his family, his trailer, fishing, and Marylou.  Great conversations about life on a ladder truck (extended). For years we visited at West Salem Courthouse Athletic Club, where he did water exercise.  He was my model of an energetic,  interesting guy who enjoyed his life, wife Marylou, brother in law Bill who he always took to Volcanoes (or Senators) ball games.  Always had a wave and smile as I drove by his house, 3 doors down, to work.  A great guy.  Will miss him.  Erik and Ruth Larson

Dale attended a water aerobic class every morning at the Courthouse Athletic Club in West Salem.  During the "kicking" part of class Dale and I often found ourselves having our own little water fight.  No matter how hard I tried Dale always dominated and left me soaked.  One day I came to class wearing a snorkel mask, the next day he wore goggles which caused our water fight to escalate even more.  Finally I learned to give him the PEACE sign which kept our water fights somewhat under control.  He was a child at heart and always ready for a good time.  Dale assigned himself a corner in the pool.  On the rare occasion Dale missed class we would try to steal  "Dale's Corner".  Out of respect for such a GREAT man and friend his corner remains unoccupied now.  His spirit is with us everyday and he will forever be missed. PEACE...

I'll never forget how Grandpa's laugh or his brightening smile. He taught me one of the most impacting messages I have ever learned in my life, "I don't get mad...I get even." And as he said it he had the most satisfying look on his face where I thought to myself, "who couldn't love this guy?" I love you forever and always Grandpa thanks for being a wonderful role model and an even better Grandpa. Rest in Paradise Granps.

 My favorite thing about my grandpa Dale Hill was his unconditional love and that big grin he always had on his face. I am so happy that my first home that I have just moved into has a porch swing, because it will be a constant reminder of the wonderful man who always treated me so well. I remember many times as a little kid playing different games with Grandpa - whether it was catch, bocce ball, or a boardgame - it was always such a blast! I always found myself in awe that my grandfather played football both ways as a starting lineman for the University of Idaho. We had a shared love of football and sports and it was always enjoyable to discuss the big games and storylines for each season with him and Uncle Billy.  Another thing I loved about my grandpa was the patience, generosity, love, and admiration and he had for my grandmother. He showed me how to truly love a woman and treat her better than anyone else in the world. It warms my heart just thinking about it. My grandma is sure lucky she met the most wonderful man she ever could have. I sure hope and pray I am able to find the woman of my dreams someday so that I can teach treat her the same way!  I will never forget the constant positivity that my grandpa Dale lived with. He is a shining light in my life and the life of so many others in a while his soul no longer casts a shadow his love will live on forever. God bless you Grandpa.  I know you're looking down on us with the rest of the Angels and I can't wait until we are all reunited again. I love you. 

Love your Grandson,

Brian Patrick Dooney :) 

With my love forever to the most wonderful man God ever created!!!

You have always been the Best Husband, Daddy Dale, Papa Dale, Grandpa Dale, Brother-in-law, Relative and Friend that any one could ever have!!! May you now rest in peace Sweetheart! God Bless you! 

Until we meet again,
Your wife,
Marilou XO