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Doris Cordes Wolfe

August 22, 1924 - March 13, 2016

Doris Cordes-Wolfe passed away peacefully with her son and daughter by her side holding her hands. She regained awareness and shared a few moments with us allowing us to say goodbye and express our love and deep gratitude for her. 

Doris lived a very full life until age 91, and died within a few miles of the hospital in Everett Washington where she was born. 

She loved her family, politics, books, duplicate bridge, crossword puzzles, Words with Friends Scrabble, and had many friends in Quail Park Senior Living in Seattle, the San Francisco Bay Area as well as in San Marino in Southern California. She also enjoyed tennis and swimming in her younger years, both playing as well as watching the major matches on tv.  

She met the love of her life, Charles "Carlos" Brown in high school and graduated from UC Berkeley. She had a close knit group of  lifelong friends in the Bay Area who called themselves "The Group"  who knew each other since Jr. High school in Berkeley.  Several years after Carlos had passed away in 1986, she married Jack Wolfe, a UC Berkeley alumni who also knew her in high school. 

Doris was a real estate broker for years and celebrated life. Her favorite motto was "Onward and Upward". 

She is survived with two children, five grandchildren, one great grand-daughter, four nieces, two nephews,  and a brother. She participated frequently in a family group email in which we all shared news, photos, humor, and love. 

Her wishes are that no service be held. This online obituary has a guestbook and you are welcome to express your condolences.

In lieu of flowers please make a donation to your local hospice. 

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My Aunt Doris was always dearand close to my heart.  When I was a young girl she influenced me in many ways other than her "culinary" skills.  She was always on "the go" and I loved that about her.  She had many friends, a beautiful smile, very active, never negative, lived live to the fullest with grace and dignity.  If I could pick one role model in my personal life it would be Doris.  During the last few years of her life I made a point to call her even if it was for a few minutes, it didn't matter to me, I loved her voice.  I loved talking politics with her, she had a lot of insight regarding our country.  I loved sharing joy with her, whatever I thought would make her fill good I tried to share. I have many memories to share.  As her time drew near to the end, I remember calling her on a Sunday, we chatted briefly.  She would say she could only talk for a short time and she would get tired.  (Funny thing a few people I know have recently told me the same thing ?? hum, could it be me??).  Anyway, I then called her the following Wednesday.  She said didn't we just talk on Sunday?  I said yes, but since you can only talk for a short time it just means I have to call you more frequently.  She giggled as she did, it made my heart sing.  Sharing little moments in life of joy, happiness and closeness with Doris has been a lasting and beautiful experience, thank YOU Aunt Doris, for being YOU, for bringing so much to so many lives, I miss you already and will always until I see you again, with all my love,
Lynn  PS It's hard to stop writing because there is so much to say about how lovely she was.

I will forever miss my great aunt Doris, a wonderful lady who was full of excitement. She will be missed.

In honor of "The GROUP" , I have a few pictures to share. Their love for each other started back in Junior High. Doris is sitting just above the "E"...along with at least 4 other dear friends that I can identify to this day. I think it is a tribute to lasting friendship that I (as a first generation descendant) can still identify 5 members in this class picture! Dana Seifert Murphy

Another picture of "The Group" (from the 40s?) Doris was among a group of women that modeled to all of us the importance of lasting friendships.

My last picture to share, Doris is on the left, ...(a photo from the 80s?) My mother, Dee Jane is on the right. Each one of these women was a significant model and mentor to me. I am so thankful for all the love that they shared with me. Never forgotten...

        I can't begin to tell you how much you will be missed:  my beloved Aunt Doris.  I thank you for your years of unconditional love and friendship. . You were and are adored... May you have a sweet journey to heaven where may you will be united with your best friends, family, Jack and  our "Uncle Carlos".... TOGETHER AGAIN...
     Love, Bonney Brown and Doug Thom

Doris was a dear sweet lady. I didn't know her well nor for a long time, but I loved talking to her. She will be missed. My prayers go out to her 2 children and various family members.

Hello.....I was Doris' step-daughter in California, she married my father approx 3 years after my mother passed away.   So it was a 2nd marriage for both.  I think they had a very good marriage and both seemed very happy!  They had alot in common, they both went to UC Berkeley and had many friends, they were very active,  every year they always went to the 4th of July parade in Alameda where a very good friend of theirs lived.  It was like  a Berkeley reunion!  My father has also passed and Doris felt like most of her friends were gone too.  I hope they are having yet another  Berkeley reunion in the sky!

Oh how I remember Doris growing up!  I was so happy to see her picture on Google.  My mom, Petie Miller, one of "The Group," passed away this past April.  I am looking for her family to hopefully return one of Carlos's paintings to where it belongs, with family.  Would someone be able to email me at