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Raliegh Dwaine Houk

June 18, 1963 - December 9, 2015

Raliegh was born in Scottsbluff, Nebraska to Merle and Dorothy Houk. When he was a small child his family moved from Scottsbulff to Springfield, Oregon which is where he spent most of his childhood growing up. Raliegh was a blonde hair blue eyed little boy who grew up with a sense of adventure.  He loved spending time during his childhood summers floating down the river with his friends or making forts in the blackberry bushes that grew in the field across the street from his childhood home. Raliegh’s adventurous nature as a child developed into his love of hitchhiking and hopping freight trains as an adult. He would hitchhike up and down the I-5 corridor or hop a train and go wherever it took him. 
Raliegh was an admitted “mama’s boy” as he had a special bond with her. They were able to nurture that bond while they traveled multiple times on the Amtrak train to destinations in the mid-west.  They enjoyed watching the scenery and visiting as only a mother and son can. Raliegh was from a large family and was considered a “middle” child, with three older siblings and three younger siblings.
Raliegh enjoyed helping in the kitchen and developed a love for dessert making, especially cheesecakes.  He was always game to try a new cheesecake recipe, the richer the recipe, the better.  He also enjoyed cabbage burgers, sticky buns, oatmeal cake, cherry dope and peanut butter pie (not all at once), but thoroughly relished the taste and texture of each of his favorites.
Raliegh enjoyed taking photographs on his many adventures.  He especially enjoyed taking unique photos at various locations in Portland, Oregon, along the Oregon Coast and most recently of sites around the Washington, DC area as he had been living in Alexandria, Virginia for the past year and a half. He enjoyed seeing and photographing all of the monuments and other historical locations in the area.
When Raliegh was a young adult he married Rose Stinnitt and became a stepfather to Justin and Eric Stinnitt.  Although Raliegh and Rose divorced he remained in contact Rose and the boys, and built a keen interest in tattoo artistry with his stepson Justin.  Raliegh and Justin created some personalized tattoos, and Justin was the tattoo artist who brought those designs to life for Raliegh. Raliegh was very proud of all of his tattoos, but especially of the ones that Justin inked. Raliegh and Eric had fishing in common and enjoyed spending their time together off on their fishing adventures.
For the past 12 years he and his girlfriend, Linda Mills enjoyed all of the love and challenges found in long-term relationships.  They enjoyed spending time together and camping regardless of the weather or time of year.
Raliegh’s adventurous spirit lead him to live by the motto “Git-R-Done.” In the wee hours of December 9, 2015, Raliegh “got-it-done” one last time as he hopped his last freight train to heaven and will forever be with his precious mother.  
Raliegh was preceded in death by his parents. He is survived by his girlfriend Linda Mills, and siblings Edwina, Caye, Doug, Heidi, Elaine and Steve as well as several nieces and nephews.

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  1. Brother Like You

My brother…
We grew up together
We play together
We share our time together

Now time has passed
We are not a child anymore
But our love will always be there

Even words of love was never said often
But we know that we love each other so deep

That love makes me stronger
That love makes me feel comfortable
That love makes me happy
Cause I have you in this world
As my loved brother

Even sometimes we argue
But it means nothing
Except we get more close and understand each other
Because of the love that we have

I just want you to know
That I love you my brother
And I wish the best for you in all your life
And in everything you do

We’ll never be apart
Even though we live far away from each other
But with the love we have
We know that we are close to each other in our hearts

I love you my brother, rest in peace


Well, brother Raleigh--I'm finding out you have touched many lives. You had far more going for yourself then you allowed yourself to believe. Every time the phone rings now that you have passed--I have to remind myself--it's not Raliegh. And, every train whistle--is, there goes Raliegh. I'm glad God released you from the struggle of the day to day living. You will be missed. You are just a few more days away from your final resting place to be near Mom. Love, Wina


When Wina called to tell me you had passed away I was in shock.  We had talked just a few days earlier when you let me know that you had received your Christmas card. You told me your gift would come in handy.  That phone call from Wina brought back all kinds of memories. . .
As your little sister I always wanted to follow you around because the boys always got to go places.  Sometimes you would let me go with you but I figured when I did get to go, we’d get into some kind of mischief.  You never disappointed.   Remember when you dared me to throw a dart at you as you were walking in front of me?  I was a pretty good aim because when I threw it I didn’t hit the bulls eye, but I did hit you in the head with the dart.  Boy were you mad!! I sure got into trouble for that, and it was all because you dared me.
I know in my teenage years I used to annoy you regularly as younger sisters do. You and your friends always called me “teeny bopper.”  Even though you thought I was an annoying teeny bopper you were always protective of me and the other younger kids.  
There were the times when we would “sneak” warm chocolate nut drops off the wax paper before they were completely cooled. They were so warm that we had to use a spoon to eat them.  They were wonderfully yummy, and sometimes we would get in trouble if we got caught taking them before they were cool. You’d usually tell mom it was my idea.
There was the sparkle in your eye when you talked about how proud you were of the girls. 
I can vividly see you helping D’Lee with projects around our house wearing your favorite shorts (you know the ones) and your tie-dye shirt. 
I can also remember that you didn’t like big family gatherings any more than I do, but we both seemed to get through them.  You did always come with a healthy appetite for whatever D’Lee had made for the event.  You were also willing to take some of the leftovers (thank you) because you knew that I don’t like them. 
There are many other memories some good, some bad but they are too many to share.  As I continue to work through the disbelief that you are gone I can only think of one thing. . .you are now in a better place. A place with no pain, no anger, no self doubt, a place with only love. I can just see the smile on Mom’s face as you entered into Heaven. She was so happy to see you.  We will all miss you but know that you are in a place with much love, and you deserve all the love you receive.
With Love,

Dear Family of Raleigh,

I am one of those people that got to know Raleigh a little bit through his mom and Gary and Edwina.  There was always something likable about Raleigh.  And the bond between mother and son was very noticeable too.  

I sure enjoyed reading about Raleigh's life, what he liked, what he did.  He lived a lot in his 52 years.  

I am remembering the family.  A 52 yr old brother is young for a family to lose a sibling.  With much care, Linda Brist