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Gathering of Family & Friends

Gathering of Family & Friends

Our Grace Reception Center is available to all families that we serve.  We also have available smaller rooms to meet your needs.    


                                                                  Catering Menu

                              Coffee, Tea, Lemonade, Ice Water and Fresh Baked Cookies
                              35-50 Guests $135,  51-75 Guests $185, 76-100 Guests $230

                              Coffee, Tea, Lemonade, Ice Water and Gourmet Desserts
                              35-50 Guests $205, 51-75 Guests $315, 76-100 Guests $370

                              Coffee, Tea, Lemonade, Ice Water and Mini Sandwich Platter with Condiments
                              35-50 Guests $395, 51-75 Guests $545, 76-100 Guests, $695

                              Coffee, Tea, Lemonade, Ice Water, Meat and Cheese Tray with Herb Cheese Rolls
                              Potato Salad, Assorted Veggies with Dip and Fresh Baked Cookies 
                              35-50 Guests $570, 51-75 Guests $795, 76-100 Guests $995 

Our caterer is also able to work with you directly to customize the menu. 
Cost for the use of Reception Facilities is $350.      
Family/Friends provide food, not a professional caterer, a fee for linens and cleaning will be assessed of $300.