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Virgil T. Golden - Salem's Choice for Funeral Services and Cremations


Our goal at Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service is to help families find comfort in the way they choose to honor, remember and celebrate the wonderful life of their loved one.  A Remembrance Gathering whether private for family only or a public reception is an essential component of the healing process. Call us to learn about our signature services and honest reliable pricing.


Virgil "Tommy" Golden had a saying, "The impossible only takes a moment longer."  For over 70 years we, at Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service, have continued in his footsteps to set the standard for helping families. We are able to offer options and ideas, but the family always makes the final decision.  We are there to assist so you are able to spend time with family and friends and not be concerned about the details of the service. One of our new services is Aqua Cremations. It has the same result of a regular cremation but uses water instead of flames. More details can be found on our Aqua Cremations page. 

Personalized attention, various cremation and funeral options, natural choices, free online obituaries, along with pre-planning services, have all contributed to our legacy.  We also have our own crematory, Oakleaf Crematory, within our building.

We assist veterans and their families as well as support programs to help those on active duty such as Cell Phones for Soldiers. To honor the fallen, we help with Wreaths across America. 

Our Facebook page continues to grow.  We offer articles on grieving, care giving, and other relevant topics for those interested in the Salem-Keizer area. 

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                                                                                       The Golden Family