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"For some, this may be the first holiday season after a loved one has passed away.  For others, perhaps it is the second, fifth or eighth and memories flood back from prior holidays.  Below, we have different references and perspectives on traveling thru the holiday season. They may not all pertain, but our hope is, you will find some information helpful."
- Tom Golden

Please note: Listed below are links to articles and videos about grieving with some focusing on the holidays.
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The first video below is an interview with Dr. Merry C Lin - a registered clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience in counseling individuals, couples and families on a variety of personal issues. In this video she discusses grieving during the Holiday's. There are links to five other videos - all done by TEDx Talks - on grief that we added to the list here.

Featured article: published December 2020

***   We are Uncomfortable Being Uncomfortable Grieving the Pandemic Losses

Videos :

6 Little Things You Can Do For Someone Who Is Grieving At The Holidays

This time of year can be challenging for someone who just lost a loved one. Here's how you can help

Grief During the Holidays  - Dr Merry C Lin

Finding Hope in Hopelessness | Peta Murchinson | TEDxSydney

The Beautiful Awful | Alyssa Monks | TEDxIndianaUniversity

What Forty Steps Taught Me About Love and Grief | Tembi Locke | TEDxPasadenaWomen

The Cure for Grief | Norah Casey | TEDxGalway

Why we should share our stories of loss and disappointment | Rebecca Peyton | TEDxBrixton


AARP - Dealing with Grief During the Holiday Season
Ten Things to Help You Get Through This Difficult Time

National Hospice and Palliative Care
How to Help a Grieving Loved One During the Holidays

Vitas Healthcare - Hospice - 
Coping with Grief During the Holidays - Holidays 

Grieving During the Holidays

What's Your - 64 Tips 
64 tips for grieving on the holidays

Help for the Ill or Grieving During the Holidays - Wall Street Journal
Health care providers and bereavement counselors offer emotional support

Grieving During the Holiday Season - 
Grieving During the Holiday Season