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Natural Burials and Caskets

Why would someone choose a natural burial over
a conventional burial, cremation or other method?

> Caskets are biodegradable (View our Certified Green Caskets )

> Remains are recycled into the Earth as they have been for centuries, until one hundred years ago.

> If may be the preference and choice of your loved one, or the family's choice.

Natural Burials are the eco-friendly alternative to traditional burials. The main focus is to avoid non-biodegradable materials and only use non-toxic materials that will be recycled in the ground. Natural burials are becoming a popular choice for families or for those doing end-of-life planning and choosing how they want their final arrangements to be managed by their families.

The basic main materials used in burials that can be changed are embalming fluid, concrete vaults, burial containers or caskets. Location is also a consideration.

Avoiding Embalming Fluid

If a funeral home offers green burials, they will forego the use of embalming fluid that usually contains formaldehyde.  They will usually use mortuary refrigeration for the care till burial is able to take place.

Natural Caskets

For green burials funeral homes will recommend not using a concrete vault, or traditional casket. They will offer alternatives such as shrouds, biodegradable caskets or containers, chemical free, and natural.

Location and Habitat

There are natural cemeteries exclusively, or hybrid cemeteries that offer both types of traditional and natural burials. The location of the burial can be discussed with one of our funeral directors, for the best solution that meets your families needs.

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