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Francisco Daniel Torres Perez

October 6, 1994 - August 4, 2019

Francisco Daniel Torres PerezFrancisco Daniel Torres Perez construction rigger and father of two, passed away Sunday morning. At the young age of 24, Danny was a victim of murder by his own father. After receiving a fatal gunshot to the chest he was taken to Salem Hospital where he eventually died. Danny was the most outgoing and heartwarming person to all who met him. He touched many hearts and many were broken at his departure. He was a loving father, a caring and understanding brother, a wonderful partner, a true friend, and an even better son. (He gave his life to protect his mother and younger siblings and for that he will be reserved a special place in heaven.) All he ever wanted was for his mother to be happy and for his brother and sisters to stop suffering. So on Tuesday evening when he is buried, all his family will celebrate his life and ensure that his death was not in vain. Though the pain we suffer seems insurmountable, as his older sister Maria said, “Siempre vamos a estar unidos."  “We will always be united." United we shall stay, and together we shall conquer this pain so that my brother’s legacy is that he achieved what he always wanted: a happy family.
Danny will be remembered for his infectious smile that ignited joy in everyone’s heart.  In remembering him, his family and friends have been able to share smiles and laughter in life he was so full of jubilation that rejoicing about his life feels right. A happy remembrance is what he always wanted, he sang a song with said, “I don’t want weeping, I don't want sorrows, I don't want sadness.”
As a testimony to his character many of the people he knew whether it was long friendships or those he barely got the chance to meet, have come forth far and wide to help our family in any way they could. Francisco was nothing but loved.

Donations are being collected at Don Pedro’s. His viewing at Virgil T. Golden Funeral Chapel, and St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church. All proceeds will go to his two children, Javier, age 5 and Galilea age 1.


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