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Ernest "Ernie" W. Moore

June 12, 1936 - September 24, 2019

Ernest  Ernie W. MooreErnest‎ "Ernie" Willard‎ Moore‎ was‎ born‎ to‎ Mildred‎ and‎ Harold‎ Moore‎ on‎ June‎ 12th‎ 1936.‎ He‎ was‎ the‎ youngest‎ of‎ 6‎ kids.‎ Ernie‎ moved‎ to‎ Oregon‎ at‎ a‎ young‎ age‎ and‎ called it home for most of his life. When‎ he‎ was‎ 16‎ he‎ joined‎ the‎ army‎ and‎ was‎ stationed‎ in‎ Germany for a few years, upon his return to‎ the‎ States‎ he‎ met‎ the‎ love‎ of‎ his‎ life‎ Pearl‎ Newman. They‎ were‎ married‎ July‎ 27th,‎ 1956.‎ They‎ had‎ 3‎ children‎ Marlane,‎ Donald‎ (Buddy)‎ and‎ Leona.‎ Ernie‎ went‎ to‎ school‎ and‎ became‎ a‎ commercial‎ and‎ industrial‎ Electrician‎, retiring after four decades. Ernie‎ loved‎ golfing,‎ computer‎ games,‎ and‎ collecting‎ coins,‎ but‎ most‎ of‎ all‎ he‎ loved‎ his‎ family‎ and‎ they‎ loved‎ him.‎ ‎Ernie and Pearl, or as they were affectionately known to most, Papa‎ and‎ Nana‎, were‎ two‎ of‎ a‎ kind. They had a‎ fairy tale love story, the kind that books, movies, poems and songs are written‎ about.‎ Their union and the magical quality of their love for one another still inspires all who knew them. They shared nearly 56 wonderful years together on this Earth before she preceded him in death in 2007. He‎ waited‎ 12‎ long‎ years‎ to‎ see‎ her‎ again‎ in‎ Heaven‎ and‎ everything‎ is‎ right‎ in‎ the‎ world‎ with‎ them‎ back‎ together watching over their extended family together from their perfect perch high above.
His‎ relationship‎ with‎ his‎ grand‎children and great‎ grandchildren‎ was‎ far from typical. He raised‎ half‎ of his‎ grandkids‎ and was a wonderful Father Figure to them. He very frequently babysat his great grandchildren, one of his greatest joys, until his body and mind were no longer able. His‎ best‎ friends‎ in‎ the‎ world‎ were‎ his‎ great‎ granddaughter‎ Cassady‎ and‎ his‎ puppy dog‎ whom she named, Noodle‎.
‎Ernie‎ leaves‎ behind‎ his‎ children‎ Buddy‎ and‎ Leona. Along‎ with‎ 8‎ grandchildren‎ that‎ he‎ and‎ Pearl‎ helped‎ raise; Malissa,‎ Angie,‎ Becky,‎ Katrinna,‎ Joshua,‎ Jose,‎ Julianna‎ and‎ Victoria.‎ He‎ also leaves‎ behind‎ 18 great‎ grandchildren,‎ and one great‎, great grandchild‎ on‎ the‎ way.
He was preceded in death by wife Pearl, daughter Marlane and one great grandchild, Jeffrey.

Everyone‎ will‎ always‎ tell‎ you‎ their grandparents‎ are‎ the‎ best‎ but‎ ours‎ really‎ were!!!‎ Papa‎, we know‎ you're riding‎ around‎ in‎ an‎ old‎ truck,‎ Nana by your side. With the radio‎ turned‎ up‎ to‎ some old‎ country‎ music and heavenly breezes blowing through your hair without a care in the world. Knowing that makes the pain of losing you bearable. Until we meet again Papa Roo, we love you to the moon and back and miss you even more.
A Memorial Service will be held at Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service on Sunday, October 6, 2019 at 11:00am.


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