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End of Life Discussion and Experiences

Why Pre-Planning is helpful for discussing both medical
and final expenses with your loved one before it is too late. 

Many families have a hard time discussing the end of life planning ideas with their loved one. With both final expenses and plans as well as medical expenses being important, we have provided some articles about discussions and experiences around this issue. For those willing to look at the dying process as a part of their planning and preparation, these may be helpful, even if they are not easy to read. We provide pre-planning final expenses discussions and also have information about using an advanced directive on a web page.


End of Life Discussion

View a A video on  healthcare, legal rights of adult children to make decisions, how a loved one wants to be remembered, and more.
In the video below, Ellen Goodman, Pulitzer Prize Winning Columnist gives an overview on The Conversation Project and why it is so vitally important.
More information and statistics below the video on this page > Ellen Goodman Video .

Symptoms of Dying  

How to Have a Better Death

We’re Bad at Death – Can We Talk? 

"For years the medical profession has largely fumbled the question of what we should do when there’s nothing more we can do. A new wave of research sheds light on what patients want at the end of life, and who is — or isn’t — getting it."
full story >