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Elaine Lucille Martz

March 10, 1920 - October 1, 2020

Elaine Lucille MartzElaine Lucille Martz, of Salem Oregon, passed away on October 1, 2020, in Salem Oregon after reaching the age of 100 years old.  There had been a birthday celebration in her home in March 2020, to which many friends and relatives from around the country came to visit. Five generations were there.   

Elaine was born to parents Frank L Lillie and Alice Dora Sherrill, on March 10, 1920 in Bloomfield, Knox County, Nebraska. She was the ninth child born to the family, with one little sister, Bernice born two years after. There were 8 children who survived to adulthood, 4 boys and 4 girls, whose birth years ranged from 1903 to 1922. "The Lillie Sisters" as they liked to refer to themselves were the four youngest of the siblings. They loved being "the Lillie sisters" and really enjoyed being with each other when they could.

Elaine Lillie graduated from Crofton High School in 1938, with 35 classmates. She loved participating on the debate team and they toured the area to compete with other schools. Elaine was very active in the Glee Club, and had a lot of fun with her friends. 

Elaine moved to Yankton South Dakota in 1940, where she rented a room in a small boarding house. She supported herself working at a small pharmacy and soda fountain shop. It was about this time when a young man with dark wavy hair had observed her as she came and went making deliveries for the pharmacy.  Marvin used to tell how he became captivated by Mom's cute little wiggle when she walked by. So, he set out to woo her and win her heart.   

Marvin and Elaine eloped to Iowa, and were married January 16, 1941 at the First Methodist Church by Rev. Warner M. Hubbard, in Le Mars, Iowa, near Sioux City. Even retelling this story nearly 80 years later, Elaine got a little indignant when asked why they eloped. She stated firmly that she was old enough and didn't need her parents' permission!  Although, she did keep her marriage a secret until her boss spoke to her about people whispering about the amount of time she was spending with this fellow.  So sweet. They must have been concerned about her mother's approval though, as they went to a lot of trouble to be married in the Methodist Church.  

Eventually, the couple relocated to Sioux Falls SD where Marvin was employed by the U.S. Weather Service Bureau.  Paul had been born in 1941 and Pat in 1943.  Marvin's parents, Ludwig and Matilda Hager Martz had moved to Lodi California by that time and asked Elaine and the little kids to join them so that her dear mother-in-law could help with the babies.  It was at this time that the two ladies became so close. Matilda told her all the stories of her family's history from Bessarabia to North Dakota and Ludwig's family's immigration as well.  A few of Matilda's recipes are still cherished in this family; chalupsy, fresh noodles and pickles among them although we still haven't mastered pickles.  But, it was the strong love and friendship between these two ladies that has permeated all of our lives, blessing our lives forever.  

Marvin moved out to the coast to be with his family shortly after. World War II had been going on for the entire time they had been married. They had several relatives and friends who were enlisted.  Many siblings from both of the families had relocated to California and Oregon. Together, Marvin and Elaine raised 3 children: Paul Bryan Martz, Patricia Elaine Martz, and Gregory Gig Gordon Martz, who was born in Albany Oregon in 1948. The family made their life in Eugene. It was a good happy life. Gig remembers chocolate pudding for lunch and always having welcome-home hugs, and he never left the house without kissing Mom goodbye. He was not lucky enough for a last kiss goodbye, this time.  But, the love is still with us. She was a good Mom. 

Elaine  is survived by son Gregory (Donna) & grandchildren Annie and Michael Martz; daughter Pat Hobson & Granddaughter-in-law Jill Schreiber and Gr-granddaughter Sara; and Granddaughter-in-law Beth Schreiber, and son Paul with 6 Grandchildren. Elaine is survived by a total of 8 Grandchildren, 13 Gr-grandchildren and 7 Gr-Gr-grandchildren.
Elaine was preceded in death by her husband of 49 years Marvin Martz, grandsons Scott Schreiber and Steve Schreiber, all of her brothers and sisters as Elaine outlived all her peers. Throughout her life Elaine has stayed in touch with all of the friends and family of the Lillie side, the Martz side, and all the affiliated families that she ever knew.  People were Elaine's life and heart.  She will always be in our hearts. 

The family has entrusted Virgil T Golden Funeral Services with the arrangements. A Graveside Service and Burial is scheduled for Friday October 23, 2020 at 12:00 pm at Floral Hills Cemetery; 409 Filbert Rd, Lynnwood Washington 98036-4934, phone 425672-1800. 

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Guest Book Entries

I am so lucky to have married into this wonderful family. Elaine was a model Mother, grandma, and great Grandma. She will be loved and missed by many. 

We are so sorry for your loss.  We loved her and missed her.  She was such a beautiful person inside and out.

Would love to be there to pay respects to our aunt Elaine,but for medical issues of my own we will not be there,but in our heart we will to the Martz family and others from the Krueger side God bless.

I remember the family meeting up for Thanksgivings as a child ! Will always remember you grandma martz

We were so blessed to be a part of Elaine's family and her legacy. She will be deeply missed.

I will miss you, Elaine. You were such a special aunt. Thank you for your trips to my home in Sioux City.

God has blessed you with awesome memories that will live on in your hearts forever. Love from Deborah Cox-Becker Elaines great neice.

We are sorry for your loss.  100 years have generated many memories for your family.

Elaine Martz was my aunt, always beloved and admired. My mother, Veronica Lillie, was married to Elaine’s brother, Gerald Lillie, my father. It was a great treat when Elaine and family came to visit us in Yankton, SD., our home town. After I was married and had a family of my own, Elaine would call to make sure we were OK after hearing there was a big storm headed our way, or any other potential disaster. Aunt Elaine was a wonderful woman and a great aunt. She will be greatly missed. Sharon Lillie deLaubenfels, Omaha, Nebraska