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Edith H. Badenoch

December 18, 1918 - March 16, 2019

     Edith Harris Badenoch of Salem, Oregon, passed away on March, 16, 2019, at age 100.  Edith was born in Oak Park, Illinois, to Paul and Hortense Taylor Harris in 1918.  She married Ernest Luman Badenoch in 1936, and together they had ten children.
     Edith was a compelling and loving person who supported Ernie in various careers including the ministry as an Episcopal priest.  Following his calling, they made homes where he served churches in Glendive, Montana; Lead and Watertown, South Dakota; and Bozeman, Montana, where he retired from St. James Episcopal Church.  In their retirement in Salem, they were members of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.
     While in Bozeman, Edith enrolled at Montana State University to finish her college education, graduating from MSU in 1976.  Her years at MSU sparked her intellect and inspired her imagination with an interest in learning that lasted the rest of her life.  Edith was a thoughtful and engaged woman who enjoyed discussing ideas and broadening her perspectives in philosophy, psychology, and humanities.  Edith was also a member of PEO for over 60 years.
     With Ernie, Edith bravely and lovingly mothered ten kids through diapers, scraped knees, repeated elementary school jokes (knock knock!), teenage angst, graduations, and marriages. She listened well and guided gently. She encouraged her children to follow their own paths. She modeled her own admonition to “set a good example for others to follow.”  She was always proud to note that in her brood, there was “not a clinker in the bunch,” and each of her children remain convinced to this day that he/she was her favorite child.
     Edith was preceded in death by her husband, Ernest, and her son, Donald.  She is survived by her son Brian (Sarah Ann) Badenoch of San Jose, California; daughter Bonnie (Ev) Babcock of Stone Mountain Georgia; daughter-in-law Patty Guard Badenoch of Scottsdale, Arizona; daughter Merrie (Tom) Copeland of Deming, Washington; daughter Jean (Lawrence) Edwards of Silverton, Oregon; son Doug (Jeanie) Badenoch of Bozeman, Montana; son Geoff Badenoch of Missoula, Montana; daughter Judy Badenoch (Peter) of Mount Shasta, California; son Jim (Sharon) Badenoch of Tigard, Oregon; and son Steve (Deanna) Badenoch of Springfield, Oregon.  Edith lived to welcome into the world fourteen grandchildren and eighteen greatgrandchildren.  Even at 100, Edith delighted in holding the newest members of our clan and following the lives of her descendants with whole-hearted love.
Two celebrations honoring Edith’s life are planned.  A local celebration will be held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Salem on April 25, 1:00 o’clock.  A private celebration for the family will be held at the annual family reunion in July. 
     The Badenoch family is grateful for the compassionate care she received as a resident of Lancaster Village.  Anyone who wishes to honor Edith’s memory can do so by setting a good example for others to follow, by practicing more tolerance, patience, and compassion in the world, and by supporting a favorite library. 

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There is a prayer, Edith sent to Don and I probably over 30 years ago that I keep on my window sill that includes,"...continue to stir dissatisfaction with whatever is wrong. Strengthen us for the storms our resistance may raise and keep us in there!  Fire up not only our minds, but our imaginations too. Edith to me was a rock of strength, compassion and a sheer delight to be around.   

My Mom was as wise and loving a Mother as anyone could wish for.  Many will find it unimagineable that she and my Dad had enough love to have successfully raised 10 children the way they did.  Their success came from equal measures of love, encouragement, good example, and high, yet reasonable, expectations. They also knew how important celebrations,  humor, hugs, music and shared pride are in nurturing a family.  From my Mother, I learned not to sweat the small stuff, as well as the unbounded love for for my siblings and all who came into my life with them.

Like my Dad, I will miss her for the rest of my life, but I will also carry them with me, always trying to be a person they would be proud to claim as their son.

No doubt the world has lost a treasure.  No doubt Ernie was thrilled to be reunited with her.  Edith and Ernie were like second parents to me (mostly involving discipline because of Geoff).  I remember Edith as a kind, patient and tolerant woman full of love of family and life.  I can't imagine the loss felt by her family and the empty space her passing will leave.  I'll always remember her fondly and her place in my life will always remain a fond and loving memory.  God speed Edith.