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With cremation options, we are here to answer your questions at any time, respond to meet the immediate needs, as well as have the cremation take place within our building in our own crematory. The options range from simple cremation, having family and or friends have a time to say goodbye and pay their respects, to having a celebration of life event. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

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Scroll down to view and use these links for cremation options or use the drop down menu above in the website navigation.

Cremation Authorization Form 

Simple Direct Cremation  / Viewing Followed by Cremation

Celebration of Life Acorn Package 

Celebration of Life Oak Package

Celebration of Life Oaktree Package

Gathering of Family and Friends 

Cremation Urns Including Earth Friendly

Cremation Pre-Planning Guide

Learn about pre-planning options for cremations.

Cremation Jewelry