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Cremation Option

Package Price: $1,075.00

* Receiving and bringing deceased into our care within a 20 mile radius, 24 /7.
* Careful attention and placement in refrigeration in our building
* Act of Cremation in our own crematory within the building, performed by licensed funeral directors.
* Wood Urn included. If family wishes to select a different urn, there is $20 credit towards another urn.
* State Filing fee included
* Notification of Social Security.
* Notification of Veteran Affairs and confirmation of services at any National Cemetery.
* Assistance with insurance claims
* Online obituary and submitting obituary to local newspapers.

* * * * * * * *
Family Visitation at time of arrangements, plus      $ 130.00
Gathering of family and friends, plus                          $595.00
Use of either room settings, visitation 4 to 6 hours, 100 memorial folders with a preprinted scene, a verse or poem on the inside, standard book.
Oak Package, plus                                                       $920.00
Use of either room settings, visitation 4 to 6 hours,  memorial DVD composed of up to 20 photos with standard music, 100 memorial folders with photograph and a verse or poem on the inside, custom memorial book, two inspirational stones and one sterling silver Thumbie or silver keepsake pendant.