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Carole Kay Elvin (nee Epperly)

December 21, 1940 - October 14, 2018

On the morning of Sunday October 14, 2018, Carole Kay Elvin (nee Epperly) passed away from an aggressive form of breast cancer at the age of 77.  She is survived by her brother Charles Duane Epperly, sister Gloria Madison, daughters Brenda Elvin and Sheila Buchholz, and granddaughters Bailey and Sydney Buchholz. She was surrounded by these family members and her son-in-law Mark Buchholz in the days after returning from the hospital under the care of her daughters and hospice and passed in her own home as she wished.
Carole was born in Salem on December 21, 1940. She enjoyed sewing and had a loving kindness for animals. She was married for seven years and had two daughters. She was a telephone operator when she was young and a grocery store checker after her marriage ended, working multiple jobs to make ends meet. While working during the day, she took nighttime accounting classes and became a valued state employee, eventually retiring from the Oregon Highway Division. Her favorite pastimes were playing with her grand kids and spoiling her family. She was an amazing mother, grandmother and a lifetime friend. She will be missed beyond measure.
In lieu of flowers, the family would appreciate donations given to one or both of Carole’s long supported charities-Salem Friends of Felines, or Wildcat Haven- in her name. Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service is assisting the family.


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Guest Book Entries

A lovely woman with a wonderful family.  Rest In Peace Carole.

I’m so grateful for all of the wonderful memories I have with my grandma. She would pick me up from school when I was sick and always make me feel better- even if I as faking just to spend time with her. And whenever she picked me up after school, she was always the first in line. She never wanted me to have to wait for her. We had countless sleepovers where we always watched the movie Fantasia. And whether it was playing with my horse barn, having picnics in the living room, or playing freddy the fish on the computer, we were never bored. We could sit and listen to music or simply talk for hours. I will forever cherish every moment I had with her. She was the best person to talk to, and only ever wanted my happiness. I miss her everyday and love her endlessly. I believe she’s still watching over me.

I was very lucky to have had the honor of being raised by this woman. She always made sure to put Brenda and I above all else. We were pretty poor and yet Brenda and weren’t really aware of that. As kids we would spend some of Saturday’s walking around town window shopping after buying popcorn from Sears, we couldn’t afford to buy things, but we sure had fun dreaming together. I was a lucky teenager as I actually could talk to my mom about anything. She was a wonderful role model for me as I entered motherhood and needed a friend to talk to. I talked her almost everyday, and relied on her more than I should have. Nothing prepared me for such a devastating loss. I miss her every single day.

Aunt Carole was a lovely lady. I remember many family gatherings where she would bring wonderful potluck dishes. Some of my favorite memories are the many Thanksgivings that we spent together. After eating we would make Christmas crafts. Your mom was always so creative. I love that Aunt Carole, Aunt Gloria and my Mom continued to craft and quilt for years. Wishing you happy memories, peace and comfort. With love, Julie

My grandma was the absolute kindest person I’ve ever met. She always put everyone else before herself, including me. She made sure that everything that Sydney and I were given was fair and even between the two of us. She cheered me on in anything and everything that I set my mind to and was always there to listen whenever I wanted to talk. She made me a quilt that remains on my bed and has sewed up my baby blankets countless times. She gave me a key to her house and made sure I knew I was welcome whenever I wanted, even if she wasn’t even home. My grandma was such a strong and thoughtful woman, and anyone would have been lucky to have her in their life. I can’t express how thankful I am to have had her as my grandma. I love her so much and I will miss her dearly.

Carole was a wonderful and kind woman. She positively impacted everyone she knew. She has shaped her family into such kind, caring, generous, and overall amazing people that I am lucky enough to consider my family as well- not by blood but just through love. Everyone will miss her but I am able to see the best parts of her in each and every one of them, showing that parts of her will always be close to them. Although the last time I saw her was most definitely not in the circumstances I wanted I am so grateful that I was able to see her and say goodbye. I love and miss you, Carole

She was a remarkable woman! My heart aches for you and your family during this very difficult time!