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Caregiving Resources

This web page is dedicated to caregiving ideas including hospice and doulas. There is also one article about the use of caregiving dogs. We will also be adding content and posting updates to our Facebook page . Like our Facebook page to receive the latest ideas.

Caring for the Caregivers - the following article has some do's and don'ts for those who are caring and providing support for family caregivers - click on photo for full story >




Changing How We Provide Care:
Lessons Learned From the Pandemic (AARP article)

Coronavirus has put a spotlight on the new challenges of caregiving
"caregiving for a loved one but doing so in the midst of a pandemic makes it feel brand new. " Safety practices included.

Learn more >


Why Caregiving Dogs Will Make You Smile

Article -
Talented Dog Provides Comfort to Local Patients


Is Your Loved One in a Nursing Home?
6 Questions You Need to Ask

- Guidance for caregivers during the COVID-19 pandemic -


What Caregivers Need to Know About Medicare

If you’re a caregiver, it’s important to understand the coverage and benefits Medicare can offer you and your loved one.

Six Things to Remember as You Start to Care for Your Parents

"Adult children often experience major relationship role-changes as their parents get older. These role changes are at times uncomfortable, unfamiliar and can leave us feeling isolated and unsettled."
full story  >

New Help for Dementia Patients

A first-of-its-kind program in Utah trains volunteers in an effort to relieve caregivers and alleviate symptoms like agitation and aggression, with games and puzzles. full story >


How Caregivers Can Motivate Without Bullying - AARP

"During my caregiving years, my mother and I had many tense moments about rousing her from bed to get ready for medical appointments. I’d pop into her bedroom and wake her, then remind her a few minutes later that she really needed to get up, then cajole her, plead with her, and ultimately use my sternest, I-mean-business tone. I thought I was helping motivate her in those instances. She’d say she felt like I was bullying her." - full story >


Who Takes Care of the Caregiver?


The Art of Compassionate Caregiving 

This article provides helpful tips in compassionate communication for caregiving. 

I'll Have It My Way
read the story of Hattie Bryant and what inspired her to write two books about family caregiving


End of Life Care - Hospice and Doulas

an excellent video interview and discussion of end of life care from a registered nurse and doula. Suzanne O'Brien

7-19-17 Book Idea
50 Sanity Saving Tips for Caregivers
from Amazon "How to Care for Your Elderly Loved Ones Without Killing Yourself in the Process • Are you exhausted and overwhelmed? • Have you had to give up important things in your life to care for your elderly loved ones? • Are you beginning to feel depressed or even resentful as a caregiver? If you’ve answered “Yes” to any or all of these questions, then you’ve found the right book! 50 Sanity Saving Tips for Caregivers: You Don’t Have to Kill Yourself to Keep Them Alive brings you valuable tips that will reduce your stress, save you time and money and give you hope, all while providing practical ideas for less frustrating, more effective care for your elderly loved ones. Carol Core knows what you are going through as a caregiver because for more than 12 years she was the non-paid family caregiver for Mom, Dad and dear Uncle Earl. Performing nothing short of a juggling act, Core worked full time and fulfilled her roles as a wife, mother and grandmother, all while managing the care, health, finances and safety of three elderly people." view Amazon page >

6/21/17 - Research article : Five Myths and Realities of Continuing Care 
Age Wave launched Five Myths & Realities of Continuing Care Retirement Communities, a new study developed to better understand how older adults decide to move to a CCRC, and their priorities, hopes, concerns, and questions during the decision-making process. It included an examination of data and surveys among older adults, in addition to interviews with residents and industry experts. The study uncovered the following five major myths/realities: full story >

Resource: Oregon Humane Society - Pet Therapy Training - description of training program for animal assisted therapy. 
When companion animals visit public facilities like hospitals and libraries, they bring with them unconditional love and proven psychological and medical benefits. OHS offers an extensive training program that prepares individuals and their animals to become registered AAT teams with the national organization Pet Partners.
Pet Partners Website - Benefits of Animal Companions