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Brandon M. Shaffer

March 11, 1985 - September 17, 2018

Brandon Michael Shaffer, age 33, died Monday, September 17th at the Salem Hospital surrounded by family and friends.  Brandon was born on March 11, 1985 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


As a child, Brandon enjoyed attending Mountain Man Rendezvous with his grandparents, building with Legos, and started his lifelong love of video games and comic books. He graduated from Rampart High School in Colorado in 2003. He loved learning, attending multiple colleges, receiving his Masters of Teaching from Willamette University in June of 2014. That same month Brandon married the love of his life, Fallon DeHart, at the Log House Garden in Keizer.

Brandon was offered his first teaching job at Evergreen Middle School in Hillsboro, where he taught for a year, before moving to Judson Middle School in Salem. Brandon taught Language Arts, Social Studies, but he enjoyed teaching AVID most of all. During his years in education, he built many strong relationships with his students, creating the ideal AVID family environment. He believed in his students wholeheartedly and taught them to accept their true selves. He not only supported his students but also supported staff with his jovial nature and helpful attitude.

In his free time, Brandon enjoyed kayaking, hiking, playing video games, and going to the movies. Brandon was beloved by his family, friends, and students and leaves a huge hole in all the communities he was a part of.

Brandon leaves behind his wife Fallon Shaffer, his newborn son Lincoln Shaffer, his parents Michael and Leslie Shaffer, and his brother Tyler Shaffer, along with many extended family members, dear friends, and cherished students.

A celebration of life will be held on Saturday, September 22, 2018 at 1:00 in the afternoon at Judson Middle School (4512 Jones Road SE) and is open to the public. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to fund a scholarship in his name.

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Guest Book Entries

brandon was a brave, strong and kind man. He was loved by family and friends. He will be missed. 

Mr.shaffer always told me to believe in myself and never give up. Whatever I set my mind to I can achieve and I have always followed that and knowing he isn't here to keep pushing I will do it to make him and everyone else proud knowing he was always there to push me further

So sorry for yours and your families loss.. my deepest condolences to you all.

Please accept my condolences. Such a huge loss for your family. Sending love and prayers for all of you.

My support and love to you Fallon as you go through this time. I got to know Brandon at our Dayton grade school murder mystery adventures!! He was fun and nice.

Brandon was such a gentle, sweet spirit.  He made me laugh.  I enjoyed working with him at Evergreen Middle School. He will be missed. 

Katherine Nelson

Blessed journey, dear  nephew deserve the  well earned  rest and peace.  Our hearts are left with an empty space  that  will forever  be yours and we will miss you  but you leave your legacy in  sweet Lincoln and he and Fallon will never  be in want of love .  Grief is the  price we pay for  Love and we pay dearly.  We will see you someday on the other side.     

Brandon was a heck of a grandson and I will miss him very much. 

I’ve never met someone so endearing in my life.

Sending our sincere condolences and prayers to Fallon and Lincoln and all his family and friends. Our Heavenly Father has him in his loving embrace...

To a wonderful man. We will miss you terribly. God Bless. Love Steph (Roo)

Brandon I will miss reading your post. My favorites were the ones where you posted selfies when you were shopping with your sweet wife. I thank you forever for your encouragement and helping me while I was pursuing my associates degree while working full time at Evergreen. You were always there when I needed to vent. You were wise beyond your years my friend. I was sad when you had to leave Evergreen. Judson was so lucky to have you. (I went to Judson a million years ago) 
Brandon you will forever be in my heart. I know you are pain and cancer free and will keep a watch on your beautiful family from above. We all lost a beautiful man here on earth. 
Kimberly Gomez
Your purple hall neighbor 
Evergreen Middle School 

My deepest condolences to your family for the loss of this wonderful father and teacher.

My sincerest condolences for your loss.

I'm thinking of you all as your family goes through this transformation. It's a cruel twist and a hurtful thing to have to experience. As time goes by I hope you always feel the family connections you had, even though it was for such a short time. I hope happy memories comfort you in the short term and the long term.

Our family sends our heartfelt love and will continue to lift your family up in our prayers in the days and weeks ahead.  We love you Fallon and Lincoln and we are here if you need anything! Although we never met Brandon in person, we have followed his posts and journey over the last months and can see what an amazing person, Husband and Father Brandon is.  May God comfort and provide what is needed in the times ahead. Love always, the Prices (Darrick, Raylinda, Caspian, Aemelia and Ava)

I had him as my teacher at Evergreen Middle School and he always had a bright smile on his face. Our class was a lot to handle but he was patient with us and always made us smile. He was definitely a memorable teacher who cared about all of his students. 

i will always remember mr shaffer, i had him has a teacher at evergreen middle school. he was such a great teacher and he was so nice to his students, everyone loved him. may he rest in peace 

Shaffer was my 7th grade social studies teacher in Evergreen. He taught me that it's okay to open up at school and be myself with my interests. An incredible teacher and person, I regret not being able to visit him in his classroom in Salem. My condolences to his family.

Brandon Shaffer (or as I knew him as Mr Shaffer) was literally the best teacher I ever had. He made me enjoy social studies my 7th grade year at Evergreen, and I remember I would help clean his room for extra soar tickets. He was such an amazing person, and taught me how to be myself in such an awkward time like middle school. He would always call me Ali, and was never able to pronounce my last name. He had his whole life ahead of him, and honestly I'd give anything to see him one last time. He will always remain my favorite teacher ever, and will be dearly missed by many. 

Mr.Shaffer was a great teacher I was in his first and only year of teaching in ever green he was the best teacher he was a great guy and I wish I would of gotten to know him better. and all I want to say is thank you mr shaffer for the best 7th grade year of middle school you were one of my favorite teachers. I leave my respects here...

Mr. Shaffer was my favorite teacher through all my years of school. Ill never forget all the laughs he gave me in social studies :)

He was by far my favorite teacher, I had him at evergreen my 7th grade year and I still thought about him to this day. When I heard this news I was heart broken he was a great man.

Mr. Shaffer, what I know him as, was my favorite teacher by far. He made his classroom fun and full of life. I learned a lot from this man, not only social studies, but about life. He would always talk about how much he loved his wife Fallon, I remember he even had a fun quiz about her to see if we remembered what he said about her! Mr. Shaffer not only taught at Evergreen, but he was apart of the school. I will never forget the comic book night we had in the gym, all started by him. He would show us and talk to us all about his favorite comics and all the cool things he saw and did at comicons. I looked forward to his class everyday, because he made it so much fun and interesting. Mr. Shaffer was a very loved and will be a very missed man.

To my most wonderful nephew. You were such a wonderful man with a great heart and wonderful spirit. Your legacy will live on. You will truly be missed. R.I.P. The world will not be the same with out you. You were great a influence and inspiration to all. Love you always your aunt Debbie Young

To my wonderful nephew Brandon Michael Shaffer: You are sorely missed and have left a giant hole in our world. We had such high life expectations of you with your superior intellect, your devastating sense of humor, your love of life and people, and your respect of everyone and everything. Your loss is felt deeply and will never go away. Without you, we are all left a little less whole. Your passing only serves as proof that life is definitely not fair. You were the best of us in all ways. The outpouring of love your students showed at your memorial has deeply touched my heart and soul. You truly gave of yourself and taught us all what it truly means to be a better human. You can never be replaced and will never be forgotten. Deepest Love, Your Uncle in Colorado JM Young (Uncle Dude)

Brandon Shaffer was my history teacher during my 7th grade year at Evergreen Middle School. Even though I had never meet him before, I could tell that Mr.Shaffer was going to be a great teacher and one that I will always remember, even now when I think about Evergreen I always remember about the good times I had in his history class. When I had first heard the terrible news I could not believe it as Mr.Shaffer was one of my two favorite teacher of middle and really my favorite teacher I’ve ever had in my education years, I really struggled to hold back my tears that day. My condolences to his family and friends as they have lost a really good husband, father, son, and friend.

I remember the day he said he wasn't coming back to finish middle school with us in 7th grade. I had the entire class right a card for him as a farewell, I saw him one last time at the middle school's Comic con and sadly never again. If I could have seen or visited him I would have. I treated Mr. Shaffer not as a teacher but a friend I could connect to. Brandon, you'll always be my friend and teacher, I hope to see you again somewhere the grass is greener. My condolences to the family. 

Brandon was one of my son's greatest teachers at Judson Middle School. He saw beyond the squirrly, talkative boy, and treated him with love and respect. I never met a student who didn't appreciate him. He has left a strong legacy of love for his own son. Lincoln I pray you will never doubt what an amazing man he was. We are so grateful for the time he shared himself with us.

He was a great guy he did amazing things and he gave kids this thing that if we kept for 7 years he would take us out to dinner I still have it and will probably keep it for a long time in memory of him once again he was a great guy