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Bradley Curtis Lengele

September 23, 1988 - January 11, 2020

Bradley Curtis LengeeBradley Curtis LengeeBradley passed away on January 11th 2020 in his sleep due to his ongoing battle with sleep apnea. Bradley was born in Silverton, OR and is the son of Marlene Lengele and Stanley Lengele. He was survived by his older brother Jason Lee Wilburn and his younger brother Zacheriah Dean Lengele. He was survived by his beautiful family including his fiancé Aaron Elisabeth Wendling 31, and four children, Ava Marie Lengele 11, Amy Abcde Lengele 6, Cyrus Epsn Lengele, and Bruce Quinn Wendling.

Bradley’s passions in life were raising his children, video games of which he had the ability to master in swift fashion, listening to his favorite rap music, and enjoying the company of his close friends and family. His favorite outings with friends and family was swimming outside during the summer at places like Little North fork and Three Pools, and the Wheatland ferry. He was a stay at home father and being with his children every day. There was nothing that Bradley would not do for the ones he loved and cared for.

Bradley’s celebration of life will be provided by his family and is still currently being planned out with careful consideration. It will be a closed event for only family and close friends.

Bradley Curtis Lengele was a loving soul and will forever be missed by all that loved and cared for him. His legacy will live on through his beautiful children. Although Bradley is gone, He is flying in heaven with the angels and looking upon the ones that he left behind. Your wings were ready Bradley, but our hearts were not. You will always be loved and forever missed Bradley.

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It is hard for me to put to words how much pain I am feeling at this time alot of people new you as I did a good proud and loving father a big smile and a laugh that locked into your brain and made you join in every time I new you a good friend and at times a big brother you were thair for me when no onewas you showed me friendship when I only new salitude and fun when all I could manege was work the word of your passing hits me like Armageddon I wish I could have seen you more and talk more then we have the last years you are and always have been my best friend I will love and cherish our times rip brother