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Baby Boomers Creative Pre-Planning

Self-written obituaries, creative celebrations of life, and more

On this page we are listing some articles and ideas that baby boomers are starting to use in their
pre-planning for final expenses, celebrations, memorials and legacies. Eco-friendly options are popular and have been trending for a while now.

An Obituary Writer Writes One for Himself

In a typical week, I write three or four obituaries for The Wall Street Journal. Now, in my spare time, I’m working on one that is trickier than usual: My own.

The Funeral as We Know It is Becoming a Relic - Just in Time for a Death Boom 


Texting Your Loved One That Has Passed is a New Trend


Aqua Cremations - an eco-friendly alternative for cremations


Fashion Designer Creates Dissolvable "Garments for the Grave"