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Addyse Lane-Palagyi

July 3, 1927 - March 16, 2019

Dr. Addyse Lane-Palágyi, July 3, 1927 to March 16, 2019
Dr. Addyse Lane-Palágyi passed away on Saturday, March 16, in her Salem home with her family at the age of 91 and went on to meet her Savior, Jesus Christ.  Born in Salem in 1927, she lived an extremely full life – one that can be called “courageous, adventurous, loving, and tireless”.  Her life was a mosaic of eras, events, life-long learning, entertaining others, and growth – she lived fully in each decade and took up causes that were important to her and the world.  She valued teaching others and enabling the innate creative capability in each person to flow onto a stage or into their day-to-day living.  Addyse attended Salem High School Salem’s only high school back then, graduated from Willamette University, then went on to Stanford for her Masters’ Degree.  She was very bright, beautiful, and outgoing, earning the title of “America’s Smartest Model” sponsored by American Airlines to promote the glamour of air travel.  After working for many years as high school teacher and a professional actress in Ashland / Hollywood / New York / and national touring groups, she went on to teach at State University of New York in Albany and eventually earned a Doctorate in Theater and Behavior Modification there.  Following SUNY-Albany, Addyse was a professor at Cal State Long Beach, San Jose State, and finally at Western Oregon University.  Her love was the theater, the arts, education, and music – and she directed many plays at the university level, wrote books, published poetry, made jewelry, clowned, and played the violin.  Upon retiring from Western Oregon at 75, she attended Theological Seminary and was ordained as a Deacon in the Episcopal Church.  She performed mission work in China, Hungary, Russia, and the Ukraine where she used drama and art to inspire people and to share her love of Christ; she fought for animal rights, civil justice, and human dignity.  In her last decade, she took up painting and was very active in the Salem art community, displaying her artwork at multiple art shows.  She lived in Oregon, Mexico, New York, and California.  She cherished cats, roses, books, Christmas, and Oregon – and passed those joys onto her family.  She is survived by her three grown children – who gave her the greatest pleasures in life and likely challenges too –  Istvan, Sandor, and Zsa Zsa and their spouses and significant other.  She has two granddaughters – Sara and Julia.  She was preceded in death by her husband, Laszlo Palagyi, her father, Addison Winchester Lane, and her mother, Gladys A. Derrick Lane.  Attending at her bedside in her last days were Zsa Zsa, Sandor, Istvan, and his wife Laura.  As summed up by one of her dear friends just moments after she passed away, “never have we encountered a person with so much zeal and love of life – her energy is infectious and her passion boundless – even to the end.”  We will dearly miss our leading lady.  Memorial donations can be made in Addyse’s name to the American Cancer Society or to Smile Train.  A private service will be held at a later date.  Assisting the family is Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service.

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Guest Book Entries

Truly one of the most beautiful ladies I've ever met. She lit up every room she entered and I never saw her without her contagious smile and laughter warming my heart. She was a blessing to me and my family and I'm so grateful to have known her.

I first met Mrs. Palagyi through her daughter, Zsa Zsa. I picked them up from the arrival dock as they returned from a cruise and helped Mrs. Palagyi carry her large bag to my car. That's when I fell in love with her! Mrs. Palagyi was a beautiful, gifted, loving, kind, compassionate woman, and her daughter Zsa Zsa is just like her! I will miss Mrs. Palagyi and will give her a big hug when I see her in heaven.

Addy was the life of the party and my sweetest best friend. She will be really missed!

Deacon Addie was a part of St.Thomas Episcopal church in Dallas, Oregon. She was always a spiritual person and it was my joy to have known her. She was loved by our church. What inspiration. She will be missed.

I know Mrs. Addyse Lane-Palagyi "only" from pictures and stories told by her amazing daughter Zsa Zsa but pictures of her are speaking how georgeous she was. Her spirit is shining, her smile will be not forgotten. Rest in peace...

Perhaps the most vivacious (lively, animated, full of life, spirited, high-spirited, effervescent, bubbling, bubbly, ebullient, buoyant, sparkling, scintillating, lighthearted, carefree, happy-go-lucky, jaunty, merry, happy, jolly, joyful, full of fun, full of the joys of spring, cheery, cheerful, perky, sunny, airy, breezy, bright, enthusiastic, irrepressible, vibrant, vivid, vital, zestful, energetic, dynamic, vigorous, full of vim and vigor) person I have ever known! Blessed to have known you in this life and looking forward to seeing you in eternity when my time comes! Until we meet again, sweet Addy. 

My deepest condolences to the family. How wonderful to know that when we are absent from the Body, we are present with the Lord! May God comfort the hearts of those who are grieving  her loss. 

What a wonderful lady! She was so uplifting and encouraging. I'm so thankful I was able to get to know her whenever she came to town to visit Zsa Zsa. My condolences and prayers go out to Zsa Zsa and her family. Your mom was a delight and joy to know. May the Lord lift you up and carry you during this difficult time.

Addyse was such a beautiful person. We were. So fortunate to be part of this amazing woman’s life. We spent many times over the years with this family and we are so thankful. I found a photo from 1976 with myself, Addyse, my daughter Tiana and sweet ZsaZsa. 
We will miss her energy, kindness, wisdom and love. Kisses Addyse.

Oh Zsa, Zsa- What an incredible Mama you had.  May her life always comfort and inspire you. May she and you rest in peace!

Zsa Zsa is a dear friend of mine,and she talked a lot about her mom Mrs. Palagyi. Through her words,i knew her as a brave,kind and zestful lady. My deepest condolences to her family and may god bless her beautiful soul. 

Mrs. Palagyi will never be forgotten. I will miss her kindness, warmth, encouragement, wonderful smile, stories, zest for life and God, compassion, creativity, and the love she had for her family and others. A true inspiration. Her legacy lives on. My thoughts and prayers to my dear friend Zsa Zsa, her family, and friends.

Addy,it was my pleasure to have known your spirit! You were a truly remarkable person and I am only sorry to not have spent more time with you. I feel blessed for the short time our paths intersected and know that you had a positive effect on all who knew you. God speed. 
My best to Addys family and friends. 

Salem area will never be the same without this amazing and talented lady.

Even though I never really met Mrs. Palagyi before, I’ve heard a lot about her through her daughter Zsa Zsa. I had always admired and had been encouraged by her love and passion for Christ. May the God of peace and comfort be with all who she loved! Love, Ting 

Asking God to hold each family member in his hands
Jim n Sharon Fox

What a blessing to read about her incredible life.  Her life and love lives on in her beautiful family. Prayers for peace comfort in losing your precious loved one.

Every time that Addy and I had one of our delightful chats, she would bring Zsa Zsa along on the wind—an apt metaphor, as Addy’s relationship with her daughter was something as holy as breathing. They are kindred spirits. I do believe that Addy considered her daughter her greatest masterpiece and the lasting impression is indelible.  Addy in her own inimitable way had a way of connecting people, and although I’ve only met Zsa Zsa one time, she is as real to me as Addy for she is her mother’s daughter.
Peace and blessings to all of Addy’s family and loved ones as we celebrate her home.

Addyse was a beautiful soul. I have memories of her being kind and full of life and her "joie de vivre" was infectious. She led a full and meaningful life and will be missed by all of us.

My heart and prayers go out to you, Zsa Zsa, Istvan and Sandoor!

I too will miss seeing Addyse's lovely face and joie de vie. The first time I met her I believe it was at the oceanfront in Virginia Beach, VA with her fun-loving and bright daughter, Zsa Zsa, and she just sparkled with life. She wanted to do everything. I was amazed with her career path and interesting choices. She'd already done so much. Later on, I had fun taking pictures of the two of them when she come and visit and got some great shots..... and in those pictures you can see that face that shined out to the world. I wish I'd gotten to know her better. Susan

My deepest condolences to family & friends in the passing of Dr. Palagyi! She made a permanent impression on my heart, some 20 years ago, the moment my dear friend, Zsa Zsa, introduced us! I distinctly remember the aura of vibrant, colorful light & radiant energy this “sassy” lady had! What a joy & honor it has been to know her & spend time with her while she was visiting VA Beach! She was one that never met a stranger & shared the love of Christ with her unique warmth and beauty! She will be sorely missed! “You are here to be a light, bringing out the God-colors in the world...” Matthew 6:14-16 (msg) This verse IS Dr. Palagyi in the arms of her Savior! May we all share these “God-colors” as graciously as she did! God bless! Love you, Zsa! Hugs, Rency

Zsa... May you feel the loving arms of Jesus surround you dear friend at this time... I am so sorry to hear of her passing. The two of you shared a bond like no other... Momma Palagyi as we called her... so adventurous, joyous, determined, dramatic, loving... so many more words can be used to describe her - Tom Mann, in his beautiful tribute shared a masterful list below. She touched the lives of so, so many... She truly radiates light! - and she still is... Smiling down on God's masterpiece...

Your mother added spice to life and what a tasteful and incredible spice that was. I am very sorry for your loss.

Zsa, my deepest condolences at this difficult change. Like I know you so fervently believe, your mom is still with you...just not in the same body.
My memories of her began when we
were 7th graders in Mr. Genise’s class where we sat next to each other because  your last name was Palagyi and my last name was Pelzner! I remember your moms exuberant spirit and her deep love for you. I remember attending your rainbow girls events and spending many happy hours in your home. Wishing you and your brothers my love and support. May your mother’s memory be a rich blessing.

Just thinking of Addy makes me smile and fills me with joy. That is a gift she gave everyone who met her, because she was so full of life and reflected the light of Christ. I thank God that I was so blessed to have known her. She will be missed, but we look forward to seeing her again in the presence of our Lord and Savior. 

In about 2005 or 2006 Addy and I were roommates/ teaching colleagues in Balassagyarmat, Hungary. We lived about 20 minutes from our teaching site and had a different "chauffeur" every school day to take us there. In the evenings we would walk around the small village and Addy would comment on " our white cat" or the baby stork which lived on top of one the houses. To the villagers we were somewhat like "celebrities" and they would smile and wave at us and call us the Americanskis. We had such a good time that summer and laughed about our experiences with the border guards and their children who were our students. I will always cherish a special necklace Addy gave me-- she had made it with pearls for a pearl market in China. I look forward to meeting Addy again in heaven where we can laugh and reminisce of those times. 

Addy was one of those loving people that you never forget. When she was 83,  she traveled to Ukraine with The TOUCH Project (Take One Ukrainian Child's Hand) delegation. She had already traveled with us earlier in 2008 at age 81.  She had more energy and positivity than anyone! She brought beads and supplies and taught young women how to make necklaces and bracelets, etc.  These young women came from orphanage situations and some had lived on the streets as children, so this jewelry making gift was truly important to them. That gift continues to benefit some of those girls today as they continue to make and sell jewelry items.  We loved hearing her stories of life in NYC, traveling to China, marrying a dashing Hungarian, her love for her children, and even how she and Laszio once had to jump off of a moving train on the Ukrainian border decades earlier when the iron curtain was a reality to avoid authorities. She lived life without fear.  She was so loving and kind to all she met.  She gave a piece of her heart to everyone and the children in Ukraine recognized her non-judgmental love and care.  She will be missed.  Here's a photo of her in 2010 with a TOUCH delegation as we traveled to Ukraine.  She's the one with the big smile, wave, and beret.

Dear Palagyi family, We extend our sympathy, hugs & prayers. We are so grateful to have known your beautiful mom. She touched our lives with her beautiful spirit, kindness, friendship, grace, laughter & joy. She reflected God’s light & love to all. She shared her homemade jewelry with our prayer group along with her youthful energy, fun, warmth & kindness. She will be missed on this earth but we look forward to meeting her again on the heavenly shores with our Saviour. With love from our family, Susan, Ted & Susannah.

Only God knows how enormously influential Mrs. Palagyi was, so deep the loss feels now. The person I regret I haven't met personally, but the person who managed to shine her love, grace and truest kindness thru distance, time and even in a friendly message her art of love brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart. Godly love was always so vivid in her life, thru everything she did, thru her amazing daughter Zsa Zsa, paining, relating to others, being engaged in projects or simple everyday conversation. She went thru so much of pain, but kept on going in faith, encouraging others. Because she's truly the believer, the mother, the friend, the woman, the talented soul. The unique beautiful lady I'm glad I had an example of, a glance that is powerful enough to brighten hope! Thank God for her and look forward to meeting Mrs. Palagyi in heaven.

I was on the TOUCH trip to Uzhhorod, Ukraine with Addy in 2010. What an honor it was to get to know her and be inspired by her! She had more energy than all of us who were younger than her. Several of us, including Addy, went to a ballet in Kiev and we had such an amazing experience! Addy said it was the best ballet she had seen, even those when she lived in Russia. Addy lit up the world and her light will live on in all of us!!

To the friends and family of our dear Addy, I am sorry for the loss of this loving and forever-giving human being. I truly see her as an angel now in perfect harmony. I already miss know she is not amongst us and feel certain she will be waiting to welcome each of us on our journeys home. Thank you Addy for your friendship my good and faithful servant-- well done.

My heart goes out to Zsa Zsa, Istvan, and Sandor.  Your mother loved you fiercely and believed in you.
The world was made better by Addy in so many ways and every encounter with her brought a splash of color, humor, love, and intelligent sensitivity to the moment at hand.
I give thanks to God for putting Addy in my life and now wish her the peace that passes all understanding.

 Addy at the Salem Art Association with her painting of the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse that was exhibited in the Art in the Park at Dark show. Painting titled, How Dare You...

I met Addy through the Gallery Guides. She was a truly amazing woman and a joy to be around. I will miss her beautiful smiling face and exuberance at our meetings. My condolences to her family......

  Addy was a vivacious spark plug whose joy for life was catching.  I especially loved our talks about art, theatre, and travels to see and learn about people’s around the world.  We enjoyed cups of tea, reminisced about Salem’s past and the Episcopal Church. I shall miss Addy.

Addy at the Salem Art Association’s 2018 Clay Ball

Addy Palagyi: beautiful inside and out.

Addie was such a delight and inspiration. From the time I met her during one of her many visits to her daughter ZsaZsa Virginia Beach, I considered her a friend. Always joyful and courageous. Thanks, Zsa, for sharing her with all of us who knew and loved her in Virginia.

Addyse lived a full and beautiful life! Her infectious smile and love of life inspired me each time I saw her. She was loved my so many and will be greatly missed. Love to the family. Praying for you all during this difficult time. -Renelle

Addy and I met at Goodwill, not a very glamorous place, but it was a lot of fun. I had three shopping carts full, she had two, and our first discussions together were over the merit of clothing, books, and trinkets. At the register, I was embarrassed to find that I had not brought enough money for all my glorious treasures, so one by one, I set them aside. Addy, at the far register, witnessed this. In the course of our earlier conversation, I had presented my not-for-profit Oregon Cougar Action Team card to her. Within a week arrived a package in the mail, and inside was the redress I had set aside at Goodwill.  And I have only just begun my journey with Addy.  That was approximately 15 years ago.
From there we had lunches and laughed, talked about art, animals, and travels that were mere dreams for me. Addy encouraged me to write, to paint, to sew, and to dream big. My biggest dream was to get my Master’s degree. It seemed so impossible. Suffering PTSD from exposure to a helicopter accident, I was unable to work for a very long time.  I was in my 50s when through Addy’s encouragement laid the plan for me to accomplish my Master’s degree. She encouraged me to work for myself, and so I started a home cleaning business that flourished for almost a decade. She wrote letters that helped me secure scholarships and secured a place in grad school. It was with this money, and Addy’s love and encouragement that I ventured forth for my Masters.
And as a tribute to her energy and love of all things living; my first day of class a young man approached me and stated that “Climate change must be really important for someone your age to come back to school!” His statement gave purpose for my whole degree program. Addy sent me a 2-year magazine subscription, stating it would be good to take a break from studies and sit down with a cup of tea and let my mind wander the pages. In 2018, I graduated with an 18 credit hour Masters Grad Certificate of Sustainable Natural Resources from OSU. In 2019, I will graduate with a 45 credit hour Masters of Natural Resources also from OSU, and most likely continue to be a 4.0 student- or close. OSU professors call me the Barefoot Ecologist, after the Barefoot Chinese Doctors. I promised Addy that I would wear that red dress on my first trip abroad to work for those in need.  Well, at least on the plane anyway!
Life is an adventure to be lived and not a problem to be solved Addy, so see you soon in all my work and in my soul. May Jesus bless your family big.
Allyson Jayne Miller

Addyse was my professor and friend for the past 28 years. If ever there was a human being that brought out the beauty in every moment in every experience it was Addyse. She saw good and light in everything. We tend to think of beauty as something that belongs to the young, but as she aged to me it seemed she grew more vibrant--more alive with her awareness of the world around her and her place in it. Though her physical body is gone,her light that will never be extinguished because she shared so much of herself with so many people all over the world. It's now up to us to share it with others. My heartfelt condolences to her family and many friends who are left with a world a little less bright. 
“No degree of worldly darkness can extinguish the glow of a soul’s inner light.” Wes Fesler

My heartfelt wishes to you, Zsa, and your extended family as you celebrate your mom's entry to heaven.  All the notes about your beloved mom are so beautiful!  She was loved by many.  Your family has been in CBN's prayers.  CBN loves you, we are with you, and we celebrate Miss Addyse's journey HOME!  Love, Dory


So sorry to hear of the passing of your mom. I never had the pleasure of meeting her or Laszlo but I have had the blessing of meeting you and experiencing first hand the great qualities they imparted in you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Seek comfort in knowing that the current feelings of grief will yield to the lasting memories of good times and joy that will fill your heart for eternity.

I was blessed to know Addy through our Salem Art Association Gallery Guides group.  She radiated so much life energy and zest to everyone and everything around her, and will be dearly missed!