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Covid-19 Updates for Funeral and Cremation Services

In these uncertain times, our lives have changed 

How we celebrate and honor the lives of those we love have also changed. 

 Our indoor services allow for 25 people inside, with social distancing, and 50 people outside with social distancing.  We must have a minimum space of six feet between us at all times. We also require masks for health safety. For church services we need to verify with the church that they are following the guidelines. We will try to update this page with current requirements. However, if you call us with questions, we can also confirm the current guidelines. 503-364-2257.

It is not supposed to be this way at this time of our lives, but for now, it is and we must. Your loved one's life was and is special, and all of us need to be creative in how we may honor their lives. We have heard of a church that the pews were filled with flowers with notes attached from friends not being able to attend, or streaming a visitation and service, to just the family gathering for now. 

We have even had to change the way we respond to the place of a death, and visit with families. However, grandpa Virgil, had a saying, "the impossible only takes a moment longer".


So, in these times, as we are learning something new each day, lets us learn together how we are able to honor and celebrate the lives of those we love.


Options for Services and Planning

1) Communicate with a funeral director with a video chat, messenger video, or Zoom meeting. Ask your questions about your options and what is available during this virus crisis with social distancing.
2) Use a similar video format to have a family meeting to share your grief, support each other and make plans for a virtual service for your loved one. 

3) One example of a virtual service might include candle lighting, a reading of scripture or sharing of memories, photos, video.

 At Virgil T. Golden Funeral Services we provide free online obituaries with a guest book. We can arrange gatherings up to 50 people with social distancing, and live streaming of a service to that other friends and family can view the service online in real time. Trained funeral directors can help with suggestions for planning a service.


 Grieving is Even More Challenging During This Pandemic Crisis

1) Because of social distancing, it is harder to receive support from family members. With sheltering in place, Isolation and loneliness can be a common experience at this time.

2) The added stress and anxiety of the crisis on top of an immediate loss of a loved one can be overwhelming. 

3) The news about the crisis, and the toll that it is taking on our country and the world. 


Grief Support Comes in Many Different Packages

1) Practicing self-compassion - 
Acknowledge that this is a challenging time and that the sheltering in place allows you to have space and privacy that you need at this time. Love yourself, and be kind, avoiding self-criticism, or blame. 

2) Stay Connected
Phone calls and video chats with family and friends, social media, and text messages can help you stay connected, and allow those who love you to provide support and listening in this time of grieving. If necessary, set up times, like an appointment, so both know when a phone call or video chat can happen. There are also grief support groups online, and grief support articles which are very helpful. Visit our Grief Support web page for links to grief support groups online, and excellent articles > Grief Support

3) Balance your time 
Balance your time, allowing for social support, private time to experience the depths of grief, TV, and restorative activities such as walking or exercising. Online games, searching for beautiful photos of nature, writing in a journal about your memories and feelings can all be helpful to balance out your time.

Funerals homes have had to adapt to provide services for funerals and cremations due to the new rules for social distancing, and care of the deceased. We are in difficult times and loved ones deserve to have a celebration of life even if involves an online services using Zoom or a similar video meeting format.
For information about pre-planning or any of our services, visit our website or call us with your questions.  503-364-2257