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Home / Veteran Benefits and Resources

 Veteran Benefits
Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service will assist you or your family in applying for any benefits the veteran or family of the veteran is eligible to receive. Many times all we need is a photocopy of the DD214 and/or honorable discharge papers. The four most common benefits available to veterans and their families are:
1) Gravesite options. The VA provides veterans and dependents a variety of gravesite options for burial. The choices may vary from National Cemetery to National Cemetery. The options may be for full casket burial, columbarium or in-ground niche for cremated remains. Spaces may not be selected prior to the death, and then the National Cemetery will select the appropriate grave space for the family at the time of need. A space is saved for the surviving spouse, and eligibility is not determined by who should pass away first, the veteran or spouse. For full casket burial, the first burial is at a deeper level and the second burial is above the first. For placement of an urn, a space is also saved for the second urn. A memorial marker is provided at the National Cemetery and in time, both names would be placed on the single marker.
2) A memorial marker. A veteran is eligible to receive a memorial marker if burial has taken place in a private cemetery. The marker, either granite or bronze, and inscription is provided at no cost. However, the family is responsible to have the marker set at the cemetery.
3) A flag. The family of the veteran is eligible to receive a flag. The flag is approximately five feet by nine feet and is made of cotton. How the flag is displayed at the service is decided by the family. The flag may drape over casket or the flag may already be folded in a triangle. Many times the flag presentation is part of the service, or if the family elects, the flag may be given to the family privately.
4) Military Honors. Military Honors are available for eligible veterans. The type of honors is decided by the family. Full military honors traditionally include pall bearers, gun salute, flag presentation and a bugler. Sometimes families will select to have only a flag presentation, which may be two people from the service presenting the flag.
If you have questions of VA directly, the VA home page is, for burial and memorial benefits, for Military Funeral Honors http://www.military and for military records and medals contact
If you have questions regarding Arlington National Cemetery, as Arlington may have different requirements from other National Cemeteries, go to or call them at 703.607.8585.
Again, Golden's is here to be of assistance. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 503.364.2257 and we will make sure your questions are answered.


Other Resources for Veterans

U.S. Veterans Affairs Department - Link to general resources on veterans affairs information and benefits.

Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs - Information on federal benefits, state benefits, ORVET Home Loan program, and locating a veterans service office near you.

Disabled American Veterans - Non profit organization offering assistance to disabled veterans.

Organization for Wartime Veterans - Non profit organization offering assistance to wartime veterans.

Paralyzed Veterans of Americans - Non profit organization offering assistance to paralyzed veterans - Help for locating a DD214 and/or honorable discharge paperwork. - Veterans History Project. The mission of the Veterans History Project of the American Folklife Center is to collect, preserve, and make accessible the personal accounts of American war veterans so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of war.